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Friday, November 02, 2007

My New Tattoo: Session 3

I was back in the "chair" today. It's been four weeks, since we canceled a session in between.

It was great to be back. Driving to Ninth Street feels comfortable to me now. I find this part of Durham like a 'second' home. I love Raleigh, but Durham comes up behind there. Well, I love Greenville (NC) more, but out of the Triangle...I just don't know why the hell anyone would choose Cary over Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill.

Anyway, even though I was five minutes late (I called and notified them I would be), Kathryn was busy with another client. This gave me time to flirt with the new cute guy.

I must've looked like Miss Corporate Woman. At least that's what I thought to myself. Slacks, pinstriped shirt, dress boots...walking comfortably into the tattoo shop. The dude I passed, smoking a cigarette, when I walked in came in after me and asked what I needed. I explained and he provided the necessary paperwork for me to fill out.

He asked "So what are you getting today?" I thought to myself, he must think I'm here for a butterfly. I told him I was here for another session with Kathryn for my dragon. He responded well with "wow, cool". But when I showed what I had so far, he was agog, which I love. I can't get enough of that reaction.

When I met with Kathryn, she said she was going to doodle on my back. She had a change in the angle of the dragon, so she hand 'doodled' it on my back with a blue sharpie. When she finished and I looked in the mirror, my back was COVERED. Now *I* was agog.

After doodling on me, she takes saran wrap and covers me then redraws the stuff on the saran wrap. These are her notes for how to build up the drawing.

Again, I didn't need to strip down to my nothings...just topless with bra. She started on my back. As soon as she began, I was in tattoo-zen-land. *This* is what I love about tattooing. The dull pain that feels good and just de-stresses every thing in me. To top it off, what the fk would be playing? Metallica -- the good stuff: Kill 'Em All, RIDE THE LIGHTNING, and of course, Master of Puppets. And Justice For All too. I'm telling you all, this was an amazing experience. Even now, I can feel the energy drained from me (and it's 11:30 PM). Serenity.

I could sense that Kathryn was also in the zone. I would ask her something every blue moon. Do I need to move? Anyone every fall asleep during a session? You know, the usual banter... Other than that, it was total silence for 1 1/2 hours.

During the last 30-45 minutes, however, the needle was alongside the side of me, by my ribs. Ouch is an understatement. More like "Oh fucking hell. This shit hurts!" I was squeezing my eyes shut in pain. My foot would jerk up out of a natural reflex from the pain. I thought I was going to pass out. Why can't the Zen come back????

Rachel came in (I didn't hear the sneaky girl) and I heard Kathryn ask her what time it was. Ten to six. One in a half hours of being in 'the zone'. Kathryn couldn't believe it either. We took a short break and she went at it for another 15 minutes and then we were done.

Wow. The work was primarily on the dragon's head. It is amazing. Incredible. Outrageous. I just keep falling in love with it with every session.

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