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Monday, November 19, 2007

Alternative Music

I have listed some of my very favorite albums in previous posts. I have mentioned that I am not like everyone else, who likes to say "I like a little bit of everything". NO, that does not bide with me. And even if it did, you know, it's kind of annoying to repeat this cliche. AND IF YOU DO IT, IT IS A CLICHE. EVERYONE SAYS THAT...let's try to be different, okay?

Whew. I got that off my chest.

My husband has taken a wrong turn somewhere. He's enjoying country. Besides the worst bands ever to hit air time on the radio, Creed and now Nickleback, country sits way up there on the list of things that brings blood to my ears.

However, he has brought home a CD that has blown me away.

It is not country.

It is, however, blue grass. And blue grass I can take. O Brother Where Art Thou brought to the 80 (of the 80/20 rule) some fine, fine music. And it sort of reminds me of music my dad enjoyed. Which technically, include country, but country then is not what country is now, IMO.

For instance, I love Johnny Cash. And I'm going to be cliche in another sense, I loved Johnny before Johnny became hip. Thank you Dad.

So, blue grass I can take and when Tim came home last weekend talking crazy about this great blue grass band he heard at Sam Ash, I didn't give it too much thought. I did think it was nice that he bought their CD, after hearing them sing in the store. But he was going on about their harmony and how great they sound. Again, I listened but not really.

On the road to our mountaing getaway, however, he had the CD playing. Wow. I was immediately blown away. Beautiful voices from the women and the harmony, wow. True art and you know, listening to this just really puts into perspective the true art form of music, lyrics, harmonizing with your group, and just being able to sing WELL (no disrespect, Britney).

The band is The Wells Family and the album is Someday Soon. A quick look at iTunes shows that it is not available there and on Amazon, well, it's nearly $30 bucks since it's not really 'out there' for the masses.

The album cover looks like something from the 60s. But when you hear the songs, I will be astounded if you aren't blown away.

Cry, Cry Darlin' will bring tears to your eyes, not because of any of the lyrics, but because her voice is too beautiful.

We listened to these songs several times during the drive. But once we were close to home, Tim sprung a doozy on me. The Wells Family covered The Reason (by Hoobastank) and wow! Again, just beautiful. I love the song by Hoobastank. The lyrics are pretty good. But to hear this version, I have found my new favorite version. Their version blows the original away.

I don't listen to just anything. This doesn't mean I have better taste than anyone else, but it does mean that it takes more than most folks to like something. The Wells Family gave, and still gives, me instant gratification.

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