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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Well, Under These Circumstances...

Thursday was a bad, bad day for traffic.

Some dumb motivational thing at the RBC Center backed up traffic for everyone heading towards it. For me, this covered all my routes. No matter what, I needed to go in the direction that also involved those who wanted to go to the motivational thing. I didn't know this thing was going on at the RBC center so I was going the way I normally go, which is via Edwards Mill Road onto Wade Avenue.

As you can see by the picture, Edwards Mill was bumper-to-bumper, going at a s-l-o-w pace. I decided my best bet was to hit Old Reedy Creek (ORC) to get to Cary, then hit the daycare in which MIMi goes to, to drop her off before hitting the ole office.

I could see the right turn onto ORC but I was way back in the traffic line. I think that's the worst place for any car in traffic -- being able to see your exit but you...just...can' sigh.

Well, so I thought! How very stupid of me because right to the right of me was the BIKE LANE!!! This became the right turn lane for all those who had the same idea as me -- turn right at ORC.

But for some reason, I decided to be a bitch and thought, you know what? That is NOT a turn lane. It is a bike lane. It is for bikes and bikes only. And nothing pisses me off on any normal traffic day to see assholes use the bike lane to turn right. They do because they can't wait for a few GD seconds at the light to wait for one or two cars to cross it for them to turn right. Why not take the fricking bike lane??? It's big enough for their big-ass SUVs!

So, you can see it's a sore spot for me...which didn't change for major traffic day. I handled it well by yelling at a car, whose window was down, and told her "You're in a bike lane!" She turned a bit, hearing me yell but once the words registered, she turned back and kept going. The traffic flow was slow for the law-breaker as it was for me so everytime I got close to her, I would point out that she was, in fact, in a bike lane...not a right turn lane.

Eventually, a horde of vehicles decided to become sheep, as most people do, and decided to follow said-law-breaker...who actually, was following other idiots, so she wasn't the first sheep on the block.

I then decided to politely pull my car closer to the bike lane, in order to SAVE fellow bikers (when they eventually showed up) by slowing the irresponsible drivers down. This caused one well-dressed gentleman, in an SUV, to ask me if I was trying to turn right. I replied with "Yes, I am but you are in the bike lane. That is not a turn lane." To which he responded with the most intelligent justification for breaking the law, which was "Well, under these circumstances..." as he held his hand out, ala Vanna White, to show me what I already knew -- TRAFFIC.

I asked "What circumstances? Traffic? We're all in it. I'm waiting to turn right too. But _that_ is a bike lane; not a TURN lane." Well, the gentleman didn't like what I had to say, or maybe it was my tone, but he slowly pulled away from our conversation without even saying "thank you" for pointing out his misunderstanding of the picture painted on the road of a bike, or the bright yellow-green sign with bike rider on it. Must be a foreigner from some place that has never seen a maybe Antartica? That would explain why he was so pasty white...

Frustrated with these morons, I make a point to turn my right-turn signal on to show everyone going right that, hey! Ms. Law-abiding-road-rage-recoverer-know-it-all moi was going right too...and look at me, I am waiting my turn.

It didn't work. At least ten or so cars drove right past me, without even looking at me, and kept matter how close they got to my car. I prayed for someone to hit me...please, hit me!!!

I saw flashing headlights in my rearview mirror. I see the dumb bitch in her acura waving me. She's being nice! She's letting me know that she will let me get in front of her -- in the bike lane -- to go right. This does not sway sympathy from me. I do nothing. She pulls up next to me and asks if I'm going right. I say yes. I say to her, you're in a bike lane. She looks at me with a deer-in-the-headlight look for a split second, then says as she points ahead "You can turn right right up there!" I say again, NO, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN A TURN LANE. She slows off (what's the opposite of 'speeds off') to follow the other sheep to turn right.

So I feel exasperated, frustrated, and truly, idiotic. I sit in traffic, not but a hop, skip and a jump away from my right turn...making a statement. About what?!? About the stupid bike lane??? Yes, gahddammit. The bike lane! Dammit. Our city is bad enough at not allowing a more pedestrian and bike-friendly (BTW, this morning, the lights were on flashing yellow at Glenwood, so when would the pedestrians I saw on the Crabtree and Marriott side ever cross???) place...and no wonder, we have ignorant assholes who probably haven't seen a bike since they were eight years old, driving through the bike lane as if it was their prerogative "under these circumstances".

Hmm...I did not get the memo that during "these circumstances", we are allowed to take the bike lanes (and shoulders) to go where we need to go. I must not be one of the VIPs that these flukwads think they get the same memo.

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