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Monday, October 15, 2007

Sunday Run

Fortunately, my best gal pal Melisa had planned a ten mile run for herself for this past Sunday. I joined her because otherwise, I would not have gotten so many miles in.

We ran Umstead and did really well. I love all my running buddies, but my running buddies would tell you this much: running with Melisa is fun. She can keep the conversation going no matter what and her conversations are always, always interesting, to say the least.

The weather was wonderful. We had great conversations covering recent books we read, the news, and how we really do try not to run late for things. We met up with Mr. Melisa and Ed, who were running around 20 miles that day. We met them around their mile 13 and they were looking pretty fresh. Ed tried to explain that his legs were a bit tired from the 35 mile bike ride he did the day before --- which was also $Bill's 5K, in which Mr. Melisa and Ed won that race --- but Ed looked fine to me, so I had no idea what he was talking about...

Soon, the rigors of running at our slow pace was too hard for these athletes and Ed and Mr. M were soon out of sight. Good for us since we get to talk more about the things we like to talk about...and we could slow down since we picked up the pace with them.

The run went great. We ran by Coach Sarah, who is CJ's GOTR coach. I *knew* she was a long distance runner. She has the fit-figure for it.

We were stopped for directions right before half mile hill. I don't know if we confused the guy with his gal, but they seemed genuinely appreciative that we stopped to help them out.

Amazingly, Melisa and I ran up half mile hill. And when you're running it, you know why it's called half mile hill. The end seems to go further out until you finally reach it.

I felt pretty good. Sure, my legs were tired and without Melisa, I would have done more walking than we did. I feel fairly confident that my half marathon will go well, although I am throwing my time out the window.

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  1. Great job, looks like your legs are finally coming around :-).

    I especially like the paragraph about Ed and Mr. Melisa. I think I kept reading it as Mr. Ed and M which made it even better ;-)

    oh and not to beat it into the ground, but don't worry about your time, just have fun, that's much more important...