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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My New Tattoo: Session 2

Yesterday was my second session on my tattoo.

I was a few minutes late, due in part to me _running_ late and then hitting Durham, where several stop lights were out. When I finally walked into the shop, Rachael said they were just about to call to figure out where the heck I was.

This session I didn't need to strip. Darn. I was mentally prepared for it. I worked out all week just to feel ready for it. Oh well.

This time, Kathryn went over the 'sketch' she did two weeks ago, filling it in and really lining it all up. The new addition, really, were some scales on the back of the neck.

Oh wait. I don't think I even mentioned the tattoo. It's a dragon of Asian-descent.

I have a dragon on my right back shoulder. That one was my first tattoo -- my gift after graduating college. It's smaller, but very nice. It has two Chinese letters underneath it.

You wonder, what do these Chinese letters signify? Love? Luck? Serenity? "I love Tim?"

No, they mean "to vomit". Those were the words I had chosen 14 years ago. Although NOW I am not as pleased that I chose those words, I still feel pretty good about them after telling people what they mean. The reaction is well, all worth it to me.

But over the years, the color has worn. It needs updating and well, it's now just too small compared to my Tiger and to what I really like. I love dragons and I wanted to replace it with another one. This will become my new tattoo - a dragon that will be bigger than me! Oh the drama. It'll be big...that's for sure.

So the fins on the back of the dragon's neck were the new additions. The rest was filling in what was drawn on me two weeks ago. It looks awesome. It hurts like hell.

Well, the actual needlework was fine. I thought to myself, this is what I was looking for at the first session. It's hard to describe but it's actually a pleasurable feeling (no, not in _that_ way). It's soothing, like a massage, just with more pain, and well, needles!

So this time, there were more nice moments than painful moments. There were still painful moments, but I did have to count so much this time.

Truly, if I didn't leave my eyes open, I probably could have fallen asleep. I was already tired from the eight mile run I had done that morning (more on that in another post).

But it is more painful after the fact than the first time. Mostly because she inked over places that were already inked.

Anyway, it's awesome. I am showing it off to everyone. So I guess I shouldn't have freaked out so much about standing half nude in her little room since I'm apparently hell-bent on showing my shit off to anyone that passes by.

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