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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Movie Review: Two Days in Paris

Website: Two Days in Paris

Since I review the books I read, I thought it would be better to actually review the movies I watch, instead of just listing them on the side. So here is my first movie review. And remember, I'll suck at this as much as I suck at doing a book review. I just don't want to give too much away...and reviews typically seem to want to do that.

This was a movie that Tim actually said he wanted to see when it was release in Raleigh. This made me very happy, since it wasn't a Hollywood flick. I am not against mainstream movies, but any chance to see a foreigh on indie flick is far more desirable by me. I'd rather take my kids to these movies so they can see what good storytelling is about...but I digress.

At the last minute, I was able to have a babysitter for the 'bebes' this past Saturday. I decided to pick a later time than usual, because I knew my day was going to be pretty busy and I needed time to recover.

I'm glad I did that, because it ended up that I was really, really tired and would have preferred to stay home.

We had dinner at Hayes Barton first. We ended up with our usual, which downplays the item, but the buckhead filet special. OH - MY - GOD. What do they put into that steak? What is in the potatoes? What is on the damn green beans? It's crack, I tell you. It can't be legal because it is TOO GOOD. And we all know that anything legal can't be _that_ good. Pure decadence. If you haven't been there yet -- SHAME ON YOU. Life is too short! You have to go!! Forget parachuting over the Swiss Alps, climbing Mt. Everest, GO TO HAYES BARTON AND EAT BEFORE YOU DIE.

Oh, wait, I'm doing a movie review...

Two Days was showing at The Colony, which is pretty cool because it's close to my house. There were only a handful of people watching which made me sad...but the movie has been out for a few weeks and these types of movies, well, they don't even come close to being a box-office hit.

The movie is written and directed by Julie Delpy. She is also one of the stars. The other is Adam Goldberg. Both, IMO, are not well-know, die-hard-to-see, actors, but established enough to be recognized. I'm not a follower of either of these actors, or perhaps more, Julie Delpy's work, but this was a very solid, wonderfully easy movie to watch.

Marion (Delpy) and Jack (Goldberg) are in a two year relationship. They travel to Europe and spend two weeks in Venice. The last two days are spent in Marion's home turf, Paris. Jack meets Marion's parents and sister, as well as her favorite cat (who is a natural scene-stealer). Most importantly, Jack meets many of Marion's ex-lovers and has a hell of a time dealing with it.

The clashing of American and French culture, at least in the worlds of Marion and Jack. This is what makes this movie so funny, along with the odd personalities of these two people.

If you get a chance, you should catch it and have a glass of wine or two while you watch. You can do this at The Colony. The movie is nice and may not be one that tops your favorite list, but is so refreshing and enjoyable to watch as opposed to what's showing at your commercial theatre...

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