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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up and taking my girls trick-or-treating, or scaring the trick-or-treaters while passing out candy. My favorite costume? Dressing up as anything: high school cheerleader, witch, 50s high school chick, etc. and painting a zombie face on myself. I love doing it to my kids, which was especially great when Mi-Mi was too young to care.

Well, this year I didn't force the zombie look on my kids. Probably not me either. Can a zombie nun look sexy? Yes, I'm going for the slutty look this year...just not sure the zombie part will create that appeal.

Anyway, this year was my year to take the girls trick-or-treating. I let CJ pick the route, which was down 'blow row' -- the row of McMansions built in my neighborhood. BTW, the McMansion folks give out the same amount of candy, and the same kind, as everyone else...

I observed a few things that I have since found irritate the shit out of me.

Number one: What the fk is wrong with these people that follow their kids in their cars? Their kids walk from house-to-house while they s-l-o-w-l-y drive along side the road WITH THEIR HEADLIGHTS ON. So if you are walking towards the vehicle, you have lights glaring in your eyes.

Number two: Where are the basic manners in these wild hoodlums today? My perfect girls waited patiently for their turn to get candy, when there were others waiting for their candy. Then these three, maybe ten year old, girls just barrelled their way to the front to get their candy. WTF? Who reared them? Joy from My Name is Earl?

Number three: Why the hell is Raleigh so damn hilly? Every frickin' house had an incline. If we weren't going up to the door, we were going up _from_ the door. And the number of steps *to* the door. Mi-Mi, after maybe two blocks, said "I have enough candy. I'm ready to go home." It's no wonder - she had to climb the equivalent of Mt. Everest to get the goods. Cerina made it another block, but not much more.

Number four: Nothing new here but the damn hoodlums that show up with a Kroger shopping bag and NOT DRESSED. What's up with that? What are you supposed to do? Well, Tim doesn't give them candy. I do, when it's my turn. I try to not make it a big deal and make it the 'halloween spirit' to give candy to everyone, but come on, THEY DON'T DESERVE IT! Draw a frickin' _something_, ANYTHING except showing up in your jeans and t-shirt...

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