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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Election Day

I made sure to get my vote in today. I brought Tim and the kids along. CJ and Mi-Mi did their duty with kid voting. They took a lot longer to consider their picks than Tim and I did.

We voted "Yes" for all the bond referendums. Our two votes for the at-large city council seat were for Russ Stephenson and Helen Tart. My first vote, of course, was for Helen Tart. My grassroots gal!

And that was it for us. Nothing else to worry about.

I was number 176 at my polling place, which I felt was not so bad for a non-primary election. It's kind of sad that no one would take their time to go out and vote on these issues, but hey, we're all pretty busy.

I made sure to send an e-mail out to my Raleigh friends with an encouragement to go out and vote and also, an e-mail including the folks I was supporting.

I truly believe in exercising your right to vote. I truly don't hold anyone liable for who they vote for. I may not like it and I may think they're off-their-rocker if they vote for anyone that isn't liberal, but I have an iota more respect for them than anyone else that agrees 100% with me. Exercising the right to vote is something no one, IMO, should pass up.

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