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Friday, September 14, 2007

What's His Name?

The other day we (the familia) were driving home from gymnastics. CJ was describing some stuff that was kind of scary, but ended up being kind of funny.

For instance, my mother spent some time with me and the familia to help out during my mysterious illness. She is pretty superstitious and follows many superstitious methods for cleansing malevolent spirits. My mysterious illness would be one of those instances that these type of methods would come into place.

So at some point last year, we -- mainly me, my mom, and the girls - spent a good hour following a ritual to rid the bad spirits in our home. These things, according to her and her family, were responsible for my illness.

My girls had no idea what was going on but followed through. I later learned from CJ -- on the way home from gymnastics -- that she had to stop from laughing because she didn't know what was going on.

So CJ continues and talks about the time she went to vacation bible school with our babysitter.

Let me first say: I'm not religious and in fact, we are not a religious family. We don't go to church. I have my own ideas of faith, but I am very cynical when it comes to organized religion. Tim is agnostic-going-on-atheist.

So as she recounts a tale about going to vacation bible school with her babysitter (her babysitter had asked if she could take her and we had no problem with it; she was around 4 years old). I don't recall the entire story she was telling, but she mentioned 'the guy that got chopped down'. Tim and I were like 'what guy that got chopped down?' To what she replied, quite frustrated, "I don't know his name! The guy that's on the cross!"

We never figured out the point of her story, but we certainly realized that the lack of religious teaching in our household had reached an extreme level.

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