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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Not me -- my race does not happen until November 4th. But my running buddy, $Bill has a race in two weeks. Not just any race, but the Duke Center Liver Half Ironman. As it may be known, that would be a triathlon consisting of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and a 13.1 mile run.

$Bill and I ran on a relay team for this particular race two years ago. We were the running portion of the relay. It was hard. The course is hard. I've ran a handful of half marathons and have had a hard time running everyone of them BUT this course is hard. My take on this course was this: I would be running up a hill, knowing that the course would have me turn back around and I would think "I'm running up now, but I'll soon be running down this damn hill" but honestly, I never felt it. It felt like no matter what direction I was facing, I was running UPHILL.

Anyway, $Bill knows what he's getting himself into. And he's tough, so I know that he can do it but I can say that I was surprised that he signed up for this extreme half.

So he is supposed to be tapering these last two weeks. I ran with him Saturday, during his brick workout -- which consisted of a 46 mile bike ride followed up with an 8 mile run. I don't bike, so I met him for the run. This was his last hard workout.

Tuesdays are track days. Today is Tuesday. Today is three days after his last hard workout. Today he was scheduled to run 6x800 at 4:10 mn pace. This may not mean anything to someone who doesn't run -- or if you do, you may consider it slow but IT'S NOT ;-).

Technically, this means a 1:05 mn for each 200 m. As we past each 200, I would call out the time -- since he forgot his watch thinking today was Monday.

Instead, we were right at 1 mn each 200. Five seconds faster. This may not mean a lot to a non-runner, but it is a difference. Not a wide difference, but enough to move those legs faster and have the runner feel it.

Except for the first 800 m, which was more of a warm-up, each of our 800s were seconds below his target. The last one - the most brutal -- ended up under 4 minutes. I don't know about him, but I sure felt the pain in mylegs and them yelling "What the heck ar you doing???? I'm TIRED!"

But I needed this. It was hot today, less humid than some of the hotter ones we've run, but I endured and I still felt great. Not great like - oh boy this is easy -- but great like my legs can move and my confidence is there.

So I enjoyed it, despite the hard workout. But *I'm* no the one that's supposed to be tapering for this monstrous half in two weeks...

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