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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

No Parking Any Time

These are the signs that populate a portion of Reedy Creek Road.

In case you don't know where Reedy Creek Road is, it's off of Edwards Mill Road (the part headed towards Wade Avenue from Duraleigh). It used to be a dirt and gravel road that a car had to carefully maneuver over to get to Schenck Forest (I've never been here, but I've seen the sign) or to get to an entrance into Umstead.

On any given day, especially weekends, there would be cars lined up for folks to ride bikes, hike, walk or run into Umstead. It's a great place to start a journey into Umstead and actually appears as a viable entrance into the park, with a board containing a map outside of it for potential patrons to study.

Some time ago, a greenway trail was paved alongside the dirt road. It is a really nice trail that starts from Edwards Mill Road all the way to the entrance of Umstead.

This year, a road was paved over the dirt and gravel, alongside the nice greenway.

I drive this road often. It has an unusual layout, but the scenery is BEAUTIFUL, to say the least. It really is a sort of meandering path into a quiet, countryside lane. I love driving it and I ignore the assholes who follow close behind me as I follow the 35 mph speed limit. They're going to miss the view glaring at the back of my minivan.

Anyway, as I drive and enjoy the view, there comes a point where there is an obstruction to the view. This would be the McMansions that have been built alongside this country lane. What is across the way from these Big Ass Homes (BAH)? "No Parking Any Time" signs.

At first, I played devil's advocate and defended the signs. They were placed right around an extreme curve in the road -- almost a 90 degree turn. Well, the people that like to tailgate me also like to take that turn at the same speed. This is right around the hub of the entryway into the park. So people, dogs, children, bikes are in danger around this curve when the asshole drivers are on it.

But last week, I noticed more signs erected further away from the curve and from the entry to the park...where I recall cars being parked along the road.

And then I read this article from the Raleigh Chronicle. It doesn't specifically state that these signs were put up because of these McMansions, but it does seem a bit coincidental.

Raleigh Saves Trails For Rich Homeowners

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  1. I was sooo sad to see this when it happened and the Chronicle is right, they are saving it for the McMansions. Thanks!