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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

What kind of people have we become that one of the biggest dilemmas we are concerned with is: how do I keep my grass green?

I am inundated with reports about neighbors ratting out other neighbors because of watering their grass on the no-no days. How our very own governor's mansion was watering its grass on the very day the first set of restrictions were in place. I pass by new housing developments watering their newly installed sod. Then there's the reports of how 'it's okay to have brown grass'.

Really? Who gives a shit what color the grass is?

I mean really?!? We are concerned about GRASS? So much so that apparently, many HOAs include covenants specifying how grass must be the color green?

I never really considered this an issue until, well, I started thinking about all the attention we have put into this particular issue of watering our lawns to keep it green and healthy.

Sure, green grass is beautiful. And there's an aesthetic quality to keeping our lawns green, among other things, that's pleasing to the eye. I'm a designer, for god's sake, I know that.

But I guess the developer inside of me says, who gives a shit? It's just grass. And I don't even need to bring up the bigger issues in our world, our lives, that make this issue even more insignificant.

But do I have to? Really, do I have to mention the war? Okay, that's too obvious. What about the fact that we have no benches or shelters at our bus stops? Really, do we need to even go there on the grass issue?

It just seems ridiculously, obscenely, DECADENT to even worry ourselves over grass. Not just during this time where we need to address it but even during our heydey of not being in a drought (which I hope happens soon).

BTW, any indication that "we" included me was not intended. Long live more important issues, like: what color shall I paint my nails? rather than what my freaking lawn looks like.

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