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Monday, September 24, 2007

Dual Birthdays

The week was way too busy for me to have a nice birthday celebration on Tuesday (my birthday). I decided that I wanted to celebrate my birthday with one of my favorite restaurants birthday, Dos Taquitos, on Saturday.

Dos Taquitos celebrated its 16th birthday this past Saturday. I have lived in Raleigh for nearly 12 years and to think that they've been here for as long as I've been here, is truly incredible, for restaurants. And not just any restaurant, but a local place that I think, has been a hidden gem in our quaint part of town.

Don't be misled...this place gets a packed house every time I've gone. It's just not one of those places that gets advertised, or talked about, that often. No matter, I know they'll stay in business because they have a strong following. And I just can't cheat other folks out of this place -- if you haven't tried it, please give it a try! Don't order anything off the Tex-Mex menu -- PLEASE. Get you one taco and one enchilada from the other "local" Mexican chains. At Dos Taquitos, you must order whatever the special is of the day. If not, then order off their Specialates menu.

This place has a lot of memories for me. I walked out on Tim when we had a fight here. It's also the place where Tim decided that having kids wouldn't be such a bad idea. And now, with our kids, we are creating new memories. Sure, we had to drag them there for awhile. It was too "scary" for them. But over time, the food, and our persistence, has won them over.

These are pictures from this past weekend's 16th birthday event. It was a great sight to see in our little hub of Raleigh.

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