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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Come Underground

Underground Restaurant & Bar is located in the basement of Charlie Goodnight's.

I never really liked the restaurant that was there prior to this one. Sure, Fajita Margarita night on Wednesdays was a great deal but the food was just mediocre, at best. I felt like I was always selling myself out epicureanly (is that even a word?) by eating here just to get a good deal on tickets.

My husband and I started eating there a few months after it opened. I read a review of it somewhere, probably Greg Cox, and decided to give it a try. It has since scored as a big favorite for my husband. It's almost a favorite for me but I'll explain later why it hasn't hit that range yet.

First off, the setting is awesome. The Old Bar, now Underground, just has a cool ambience. Dark and somewhat romantic. At least it has been for me and hubby, since we tend not to take our kids with us to this place.

The service is outstanding. We have met Dawn, one of the owners (which I heard from someone that it has since been sold but I have no idea if that is true or not) and she is truly passionate about the food and the wine. She has a vibrant personality and her knowledge of wines is truly amazing. I trust her instinct when I ask for a recommendation. And she doesn't laugh when she presents the wine to me and I go through a very amateur process of swirling, sniffing and tasting it.

The food is absolutely amazing as well. I remember reading a review (of a different restaurant) from one of the local newsgroups, where the author described the wonderful food as "foot-stomping". This describes the food at Underground.

Which brings me to the reason why it doesn't make my favorites list...yet. I mean, it's up there, but the place is a tapas place, which means each dish is just a small plate. The dishes are small and pricey, IMO. Hence, my reasoning for not putting it way up there. Great food comes at a great price, I guess.

We were there this past Saturday. We took advantage of their September couples special, which was something like two appetizers, two entrees, one side, a dessert and a bottle of wine for $55.

We had the cheese plate and some French-type potted meat. I missed the description because when I asked what it was again, after indulging in it, I realized it had rabbit and pork. I enjoyed it, but I can honestly state that I would never order anything made of rabbit -- and probably won't in the near future. I prefer to remain ignorant of the taste of foods outside of the cow, the pig and the chicken.

Our entrees consisted of their hanger steak and a pasta mixed with crabmeat. Ooh-la-la.

The side...this will sound odd to those who have yet to venture to this place, but it was their hand cut french fries. They're just good. Awesome. And hard to resist. We had to have them.

Dessert ended with something chocolate with booze.

Definitely a great buy with their September couples special. We loved every bit of it and plan to go back again and again.

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