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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Al-ice Bundy?

This would be a reference to Al Bundy, from that old sitcom "Married with Children".

It's describing me...sitting on my couch, with my dog snoring soundly beside me -- I mean literally -- her head is smushed up against me.

I have a glass of wine and I joked with hubby about "where's my cheese and olive plate?!?" vs. having a bag of doritos and a budweiser.

And I'm watching the US Open. Hoping to see Serena Williams pull off a win against Justine Henin (so far it's not looking good).

I'm really no different than Al Bundy, holding his jewels, drinking his beer and watching football. I just happen to enjoy a different sport (because I like doritos and beer...well, Corona Lights preferably...I am admittedly, a beer snob).

I'm not holding my jewels though. I'm sure hubby would prefer me hold his jewels...or vice-versa...

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