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Friday, August 17, 2007

Thompson for President...NOT!!

For whatever reason, I decided to watch the CNN video of Fred Thompson, a not-yet-official presidential hopeful for the GOP, touching on the hot topic of gay marriage and abortion. I was expecting to be outraged by his candor, but it really wasn't those two issues that made me mad.

Sure, it's no f**king surprise that a Replugnant candidate would want to ban gay marriage or reverse Roe vs. Wade. DUH. That's what Replugicans are all about, so why would I want to enrage myself by hearing them say the same old shit? It's a sickness, I tell you. The liberal in me just wanted to get more outraged.

Instead, I thought one of his writers wrote a very politically correct statement that the federal government shouldn't be involved in these decisions. You know -- and I hope you do -- that he's trying to pull the wool over our eyes. That's what the Repulsive party likes to do. They think that they, the Reptilian Party, are smart and the rest of us are stupid. So when one Revolting Party member says something like that, he thinks us stupid folk will actually say "Ya know, he ain't so dumb after all. He has got a purty good point about the fedral guvinment not being involved. Even though I think the homos should get married, I reckon I'll vote for this man because he know what he be talking about."


So you can see, I wasn't too upset by his statements against gay marriage or abortion because I WASN'T SURPRISED. As I said, SAME OLD SHIT.

What made me mad was what CNN didn't advertise. His support to keep our forces in Iraq. Really??? There is more than the two idiots, Cheney and Dumbya that thinks we should stay any longer than we have?

He, Thompson, makes the statement about '...we shouldn't leave with our tail between our legs..' WTF is he talking about? That sort of thinking is why we are STILL THERE, having innocent men and woman ON BOTH SIDES getting killed and injured.

It is outrageous, to say the least, that we have accomplished anything other than living under the worst regime ever. Is Bush worst than Hussein? I won't go so far to say yes, but I would like to point out that he tries to smile and act like he's your best friend. I'll let you decide who the f**k I'm talking about.

BTW, if you want to watch the Thompson clip, you can get to it from here: CNN Thompson clip.

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