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Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Strangest Things Seem To Happen me. I posted way back when about my incident with Dori ("Happy Birthday Dori"). Here's another one that happened to me yesterday.

I drove out to a friend's house for a playdate for me and my daughters. Sure, we _said_ it was for the kids, but it was a way for me to hang out with a girlfriend.

We went out to the local YMCA pool. Really nice pool. Large, wide "baby" pool, including a nice, tall, swirling water slide (which I took and slightly panicked during the slide down -- which I must state up front that my girlfriend claimed as long as I sat up, I wouldn't go down too fast; I think what she meant to say was if you want to go even faster than sitting up -- which is fast -- lie down).

While we ladies and girls enjoyed lying in the baby pool, chatting away, I noticed a boy, about 5 or 6 years old, 'swimming' towards me and my girlfriend. I was puzzled as to why he couldn't see us because he had goggles on, but whatever, I moved over a little so he could swim between us.

Instead, the little boy touched my leg. More like _felt_ my calf. At first, I thought he may have mistaken me for his mother. But he came back up, goggles and all, and went back down to go back to my leg.

I realized he had popped up only for air.

This continued for ~5 minutes or more. Up for air, back down, settling right next to my calf and perhaps, just staring.

I have a tattoo on my calf, so I thought he must be intrigued by it. At one of his take-a-breath breaks, I even asked him if he was looking at the tattoo and he smiled and nodded yes.

Okay, whatever.

But another five mintues go by and now, it's just getting weird. I'm laughing -- because there's no way a five year old boy could be a pervert, right? My daughter is laughing as well as my girlfriend. I decide to move away...AND HE FOLLOWS ME. I mean, I am moving in circles and HE IS FOLLOWING MY LEG.

I search for a parent who might be laughing too. No one around lays claim to the odd boy. I look at my friend and I'm like "What do you do when it's the _other_ way around???"

After a strange amount of time went by, the boy finally left. I think he heard my friend say "you can tell the boy to leave" during a take-a-breath break and got the hint.

I was actually intrigued by this so I wasn't actually prepared to see him leave. I just wondered how long this would go on, his apparent attraction to my leg.

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