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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Steak My Claim

Last night was another date night for hubby and I. We visited our usual haunts: wine & cheese at Enoteca Vin and drinks at the bar at Bogart's.

We added another drink stop at The Hibernian. We thought about eating there but the menu wasn't what we wanted that evening.

We then headed to It's Prime Only**, which is now located where Southend Brewery used to be. This is after we found out that we would not make Hayes Barton Cafe's closing time.

We dined at It's Prime Only one other time, which was way back before children, when it was located up on the hill, behind Crabtree Valley Mall. Eh. It was okay. Kind of uppity, with ala carte sides, but the view of the Christmas lights of Crabtree was worth the trip.

We also tried Southend Brewery once, right after it opened years ago. The problem we had with this place were the flies that were included with the beer and/or meal. I don't recall enjoying anything because there were a lot of FLIES. Those teeny tiny more annoying, how to get rid of, and probably actually fly into your mouth when you open it, type of flies. GAH-ROSS.

Southend stayed open for quite some time and I was always surprised by this. I heard from others about these flies and I wondered how a restaurant could stay in operation. Maybe they had it fixed, but with all that downtown has to offer -- and especially since it's right next to 42nd Street -- there was never a reason to give it another try.

We decided to give the location another try with (what I think was) It's Prime Only.

First off, atmosphere - very young -- much more young than me, but very tolerable. Not pretentious, in the young-and-up-and-want-to-be-important-way that I detest.

We sat in the sushi bar section, so much more laid back -- just what we wanted. We sat by the musician who sang throughout the evening.

We both ordered the filet, as it deemed itself as 'so tender you can cut it with a butter knife'. The waiter recommended garlic and butter on top of it, so we went for it. Included was a potato and veggie, which seemed different that the last time I went where everything was ala carte. We both had the garlic mashed potatoes and I ordered some sauteed mushrooms to go with it.

The steak, as they claimed, was tender and not only could we cut it with a butter knife, we could cut it with the fork. The steak was really, really good. It's no Hayes Barton, or our own home cooked one, but it was extremely good for a steak place.

The mashed potatoes were also quite good. Definitely garlicky but not very heavy tasting, as other chains have. The veggies, which were a medley of haricot vert and carrots, were a nice accompaniment to the meal. The mushrooms were INCREDIBLE. I am a mushroom lover, so it's hard to be disappointed...but it has happened...but these turned out so much more tasty than I ever expected.

So all in all, the meal was really, really good. So good that we would consider going back. BUT...and there is a seemed...the fly problem has not been nipped in the bud.

We didn't notice them right away. I thought it may have been 'fixed'. But towards the end of the meal, hubby was complaining about seeing a couple of those teeny tiny things hovering around us.

Man. That is a turn off for me. This place is not priced in the Lone Star Steakhouse range -- it is much more than that. So I can't justify -- EVEN MORE -- having flies in the place.

I don't know how a restaurant can fix that, but for me the fix is to go somewhere else. Maybe if the Leesville location is sticking around, I'll give that one a try.

**Sidenote: I just looked up It's Prime Only's website,, and it lists the Leesville location as it's address. This is not the one we went to and does not include the 505 West Jones Street address of the Southend Brewery location. However, the menu looks the same.

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