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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Night Out on the Town

Saturday, August 11th was me and my hubby's wedding anniversary. It's a long one. Let's just say that I have now spent just as many years with my man as I did growing up with my parents. It's been a LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG ride but I'm too old to train someone else, so I guess I can stick this one out...for a little while...

We celebrated by trying to make it different than any other night on the town, but just a little different. We tend to like to go against the grain and making our own moments special. You know, like NOT going to a romantic place to signify romance, but to go to a hot dog stand and making THAT romantic and most especially, FUN.

Hot dog stands aren't normally open during the evening hours of downtown Raleigh -- although I kid you not, they do show up. We saw it last weekend -- dueling hot dog competitors setting up on opposite ends of an intersection at approximately 11PM on a Saturday evening.

On this special evening, however, we made our adventure start somewhere else.

First stop was at Caffe Luna, which I've already posted about. Great place to go for even a romantic evening, but for us, dressed comfortably in our blue jeans, it was right up our alley.

Second stop was an attempt to try Tir Na Nog. It was WAY CROWDED so we headed back out. Instead, we hit The Pour House, which is just a bar. It is a bar that we hit a few years ago, on a special date night ***I*** created for me and my honey.

Anyway, a couple of beers there and several games of pool. Great atmosphere for a dive bar and pool. They could improve their tables with something a little bigger (small tables) and the one cue ball we used was nicked, which is an understatement. It had a pretty nice chunk chipped out of it, which is not a good thing for pool cues. We found another table and nicked cue and all, it is a lot of fun to just hang out there.

We left Pour House -- after I counted all the steps to get back down to the bottom floor, only to trip in what I hoped was water -- to head to Moore Square's park, where Soul Asylum would be playing.

A tangent to the story: I was never a Soul Asylum fan. I didn't detest them, but I never bought an album nor hoped the radio would play their songs. BUT, they were known and well-played on the radio. And Dave Pirner did date Winona Ryder. So, do you still feel good about your band when you play at Moore Square in Raleigh, NC? BTW, it's free to attend too. I'm not trying to take away from the band or from Raleigh, but it seems, I don't know, a little desperate????

Back to me and my night out...

We ran into a friend of mine and her man. The only people we knew who were out there. We would've hung out more if there was something more than bud-f***ingweiser to drink. I thought after wine and a few beers my taste buds would block the god-awful piss water taste of budweiser, but no, I could taste every bit of that nasty stuff. I was going cold turkey -- no booze for me if I'm stuck drinking that swill. Tim had attempted a bahama mama but again, no booze (no ABC license, duh) so rather than becoming sober, we skedaddled and gave Tir Na Nog another try.

I found a place on a couch in the 'lounge' area of the place. Enjoyed better beer and had a midnight snack (um, it wasn't really midnight but it sounds good. I was close to REMs around midnight.) It was quite amusing asking our 'waiter' for food sitting on a leather couch. I asked if we could order food and he looked at me with such surprise and said "HERE?!?" As if I couldn't handle eating on a coffee table. I do that at home, for goodness sake...and I don't even own a coffee table!!

Unfortunately, while I was famished and enjoyed my cheese fries and fried mushrooms, they were not as close to homemade as I would've wanted. The fried mushrooms are pretty much the same ones I get at Raleighwood, so they cook from the same box.

But, the bar itself provided the beer I wanted and a comfy place to put my big ass.

All in all, it was a nice outing and we had a good time visiting each of these places.

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