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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Need for Speed

Well, a speed workout, that is.

I'm not fast. At least, to the folks who are faster than me. :-) I guess another way to say this is that I am faster than few people.

It doesn't matter because I love to run fast during speed workouts. Well, I think that way but once I start running, I think "You know, slower today isn't so bad."

The summer heat has been brutal on this runner's ego. I can be a more confident slow runner if I have more running highs than lows.

But Tuesdays are speed workout days on the track. Vacation time is over and now it's time to get back to business. I was ready to get back to my running schedule.

But I had some setbacks. My running buddy, $Bill, was NOT running today. WHAT?? HOW CAN THAT BE? $Bill always runs. Nothing stops him!

Well, except a bit of heatstroke. He was recovering from apparent heatstroke from his weekend workouts. Okay, I'll let that go this time.

I check with my other running buddy, we'll call her Montana. Well lookie here -- she's suffering from severe neck and back pain. Well, after experiencing that last year -- which put me out of any kind of running activities for close to four months -- she had my full sympathy.

But I was determined. I was going to run track even if it meant running with my iPod.

Oh, and I was shot down by another running buddy. She wanted to do Pilates instead. Whatever. She claimed she'd join me next week. I'll believe it when I see it.

Fortunately, I had Bill J. and a new friend join us for our workout. Then there were others, who are faster than me, but so what. We're all running in the damn heat, doing the same workout.

The new guy and I ran 3x1 mile with a minute or two recovery. The recovery was walking in circles and drinking water. I had only brought a 3/4 full 20 oz bottle and it was quickly disappearing.

No problem - there's a water fountain. That'll help me in my time of need, which is coming soon.

Nope - no water. It's been shut off due to our city-wide water conservation efforts. Now, my water is my lifeline and there's maybe one gulp left.

I pull through, with my new friend and my fellow contenders make it on this hot, hot day.

I told a friend of mine, after finishing my run and he a separate run, that my run was great, especially now that I was done. He clarified that I was done TODAY.

And that's all that matters.

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  1. No water fountain? I know we have a water shortage, but seriously, turning off a water fountain that only puts out water when you press a button and for people/kids at a school track that might really need water in the middle of a freaking heat wave. That's taking it a bit too far. I understand turning off the mist tent, but the water fountain!? that's just nuts