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Monday, August 20, 2007

Mining Disaster

It is unfortunate, this many weeks after the Utah mining accident that the miners have not been located, or better yet, rescued. And worst of all, the rescuers that were killed... Those folks are heroes - the ones who were unfortunately killed and the remaining ones. Many of those rescuers were involved in the first mining accident and were determined to get their buddies out. Truly amazing.

And now, the whole thing is most likely being called off. The miners will never be found, according to the Mining company leading the rescue.

I am totally naive and ignorant when it comes to the Mining Industry. I know nothing about drilling into massive rock. The equipment that is necessary to do this. How much labor is involved. How long it takes. I am of the mindset of the technology of this day and age, so it amazes me that some things just take a long time to do because it's difficult. In my mind, why haven't they detected with some undetermined technologically advanced mining equipment where the miners really are, beneath all this rock? Really, is it so hard to figure that out? Yes, I am being sarcastic regarding my stupidity.

Amazingly enough, I found out -- after my curiosity was tweaked by this mining accident -- that there was a recent mining disaster in which the victims were rescued two weeks later, alive.

One happened in Australia in April 25, 2006. The Beaconsfield mine collapse. Seventeen men were in a mine at the time of the collapse: 14 escaped, 1 was killed and two were trapped. The two men were discovered alive after five days but were not rescued until May 9th. It's a riveting account to read, which I found on here on Wikipedia.

This was just one article regarding mining accidents in the world. I read quite a few and it is truly amazing, this job these people do. I now know what a "bump" means and man, coal dust is very sensitive.

I can't stand to think that these six men will be left behind, dead or alive. In this day and age, it just seems improbable, to the layman like me, that we couldn't get to these men ever.

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