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Friday, August 31, 2007

Just Call Me Ole One Eye

I'm having lasik on my left eye in a couple of weeks.

I had lasik done to both eyes in 2005. The cut on the left eye, however, was not perfect, so the actual laser part was not done to the left eye. The right eye was corrected and I was told I would have to wait to allow the left eye to heal before trying it again.

This is a good thing. I know many friends questioned this and assumed this procedure a failure. But I had felt, all along, that this was a great and wonderful thing. My doctor stopped a procedure and gave me my money back in order for the procedure to go better. I had asked my doctor if anyone else would continue and she said most likely yes. I feel the same way. The side effect, as she explained, would have been halos, stuff like that. Anyway, despite folks assuming a failure, I was thankful and greatly appreciative to my doctor.

So, two years have passed and I have decided to get the other one done.

I have been wearing one contact lens all this time. It's easy to let time pass and not think about getting my other eye 'finished' but I did. Really, it was a little push from Tim to finally get it done so I oblige.

In the meantime, I have to be without a contact lens two weeks prior to the surgery. There was an even playing field when I had both contact lenses out -- I could wear my glasses. But with only one good eye and one bad eye -- and no glasses -- it's no longer even. But, because my right eye has 20/20 vision -- and it was my right eye that was severely impacted by nearsightedness and astigmatism -- my vision is pretty good.

Course, looking over my left shoulder doesn't do me much good...

BTW, the same doctor will be doing my left eye. I wouldn't have liked anything less...

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