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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Two

Today was kind of an oddity. Technically, we would be leaving Raleigh today and arriving at HH around 3, 4, or 5 PM. But since we thought it would be great to get here earlier, we started today pretty early.

Check-in to our rental was 5PM. We drove by this place at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM and finally just walked in at 4:30PM.

Wow. This place is gorgeous. The owner has decorated this place so nicely. It's a three bedroom, two bath home within Greenwood Forest, a neighborhood section of Sea Pines Plantation. Except for the hotel that we stayed at the first time (see Day One posting), we have only stayed at places within Sea Pines.

Sea Pines is a plantation - meaning, it's more like it's own little city within the island. It is a gated community, but to call it a community, like we use this word in Raleigh, is nowhere near the same meaning.

There are several, several restaurants within Sea Pines. Shopping, bike trails, homes, villas, condos, golf courses, tennis everywhere, grocery stores, souvenir shops, marina,..., I could go on. There really is no reason to ever leave this place to venture 'out' of Sea Pines.

There are other plantations besides Sea Pines, but this one is the oldest.

We've stayed at several locations throughout this plantation and each one, whether a villa or a home, have been immaculate. This one, however, is laid out so nicely. I've decided this is exactly what I want for my beach home. Tim, however, wants an $8 million dollar oceanfront place. We actually debated over this choice, as if we really could do that...

Anyway, this rental is tucked within an area that appears to be more homeowners than rentals. It's very quiet and the pool is pretty empty. In fact, today we had Brenna roam the pool deck even though the sign clearly states "No Pets on the Pool Deck."

Oh, and the fact that this beautiful rental allows pets! It's insane how trusting these owners are!! Fortunately, Brenna is well-behaved and crate-trained (always, ALWAYS crate-train your is the BOMB). And of course, we are such the ideal renters...:-)

CJ picked the restaurant for dinner, which was Land's End Tavern. Land's End is located in South Beach (also in Sea Pines) and this place is a tradition for us. We go to it every time we stay here. This time, however, it appeared ownership had changed and the menu was slightly different from what I remember. The decor was a bit different and the most prominent thing I noticed, we didn't have to wait for a table. This is unheard of in this area, but after looking over the menu, I can see why.
This place is a Pirate Place, with pirate decor throughout. Plus the name! But the menu had a Mexican flair, with tacos, fajitas, etc. Plus, the seafood. I went for the fried oysters and they were just okay. CJ had fried flounder -- which is amazing for my pickiest eater. Mi-Mi is on a shrimp kick, so she had the popcorn shrimp and Tim had the fish tacos.

The one thing about HH that has been consistent over the years is that food -- at least the food we eat at the places we choose - is just not that great. Don't get me wrong, it's not disgusting. It can be good but it never stands out. The only place that is awesome and stands out is The Wild Wing Cafe (see previous day's posting) and really, is that what you think about eating being so close to the ocean?

I have a few more places I will give a try and hope we find something amazing...

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