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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Three

Today really felt like the first day of vacation. I slept in, which generally means I wake up and just stay in bed until I'm ready to get out.

CJ got up earlier than me. Tim definitely was up earlier. I thought he and CJ were planning to head to the beach with Brenna. Cerina mentioned how she wanted to see the sun rise at the beach but apparently, getting up that early is not what she had in mind.

Tim, however, was in pain. His shoulder started aching before we left for HH and has progressively gotten worse. This is a semi-chronic problem that seemed to have been MIA until recently. The pain woke him up and he was icing, Aleving, and just plain grimacing from the pain.

We modified the plan of biking to the beach after having a discussion about him going to an urgent care to get it taken care of. He kept telling me no and at some point, CJ turned to me and said she recalled some show she watched, where the character said something along the line of 'why do men have such a problem asking for help?' Pretty insightful from a nine year old.

Anyway, in the end, he said he would go but didn't want us waiting. So instead of the beach, I took the girls to pool, which is "100 yards away" (not really, but that's what 'they' advertise for this rental), so we could walk them while he drove to an open doc-in-the-box on a Sunday afternoon.

It turns out that the doc-in-the-box was pretty full and they would be closing at 2 PM, so Tim was basically turned away. He had to go through the rest of this day with excrutiating, and more importantly, IRRITATING pain...

The girls and I had fun at the pool. Not 100 yards away but certainly not very far at all to walk. We got to the pool and Mi-Mi turns to me and asks "did you bring my swim vest?" Uh, no and now, I'm not going back!!! So I tell her that I'll just hold her which changes my initial plan of starting a new book and letting the girls play. Those last minute changes are nice because I spent the entire time playing with my girls, learning games like "Seven Up", 'something-called-Mr.-Turner-I-thinkg', and eventually, tag. We got tag in after I called Tim to bring the swim vest when Mi-Mi ventured too far in the 3 ft water to start choking...which scared her enough to cling on to me.

I was also apparently a wild horse, so I decided to be a hungry horse and nibble on their ears. That was a load of fun...At some point I got a toe somehow aiming for an ear...

When we got back, our next trick was to ride bikes to the pool. Our rental came with bikes but unfortunately, our kiddie seat would not fit on these bikes. Tim ended up having to rent a bike with a buggy for Mi-Mi to ride in. This year, CJ would be riding her own bike -- the first time ever for her at HH.

We rode to the Beach Club, which is not too far, but a bit far for CJ, who hasn't ridden that long often. Plus, there are a few intersections to cross, but she did great.

We ate lunch at the overpriced grill at the Beach Club. I went for a veggie wrap, with grilled portabellos, red peppers and goat cheese. Tim had a grilled Mahi soundwich. CJ, a hotdog and Mi-Mi, a crustless PB&J. Sounds great, doesn't it? Well, I knew there was a problem when our number was called five minutes later. Really? The portabellos and mahi are already grilled???

We've eaten at this same place many, many times before. Each time, the food has been mediocre, at best. Each year, they fancy up the menu from burgers to the items mentioned in the previous paragraph. Each year, we try something different to find it bad and overpriced. A kid's meal is roughly $7.50. Our grilled items where in the $8 range. Mi-Mi's crustless PB&J? It was exactly that: the Smucker's brand of crustless PB&J that are sold in the box in the frozen section of any supermarket. For some reason, I envisioned fresh made bread, the crusts carefully cut from it, and fresh PB&J spread on it. Nope...and at $7.50, I could've bought two boxes of this stuff.

We never learn. Maybe if you read this and you know I'm going back to HH, you will be so kind to remind me to just get the damn overpriced hotdog or burger.

Oh - and the order numbers are called out by the one person who speaks the least English. In this case, as we have noticed throughout HH, these would be people from the Russian location... So most people end up walking up asking if it was their number that was called.

The beach was awesome, even at the worst time of the day - 2PM. The water felt so wonderfully warm. It wasn't overly crowded. I tried the boogie board, for the first time. I tried Mi-Mi's, which was too small so I usually sank to the bottom. But CJ finally let me borrow hers and I had a few waves I got in on. CJ came up to me later, my little surfer girl, and said "You are doing perfect." Ah, those little this...that elates the dickins out of me for having kids. It just makes my day, my month, my year, and my life.

Tim, CJ and I had a sand fight so when we left the beach, we all had sand in every orifice of our body. YUCK. Mi-Mi had sand in her hair because she joined the sand fight a little too late and decided to throw sand on herself -- the top of her head.

I was fine with it. I knew I'd be home soon and I would, uh, wash everything out as best as I could. But CJ, who has blossomed into a primping tweeny-bopper, could not leave with sand in her suit. Granted, the sand had somehow bundled up into the crotch area of the suit. There were not openings that I could see that would allow that much sand to build up like that, but I empathized with her and borrowed Mi-Mis undies (she was not wearing them) and loaned them to CJ. Her next concern was that she had no shirt, so I asked Tim to give me his so CJ could wear it. Then of course, the shirt is too big for her so I tried to tie it behind her, but NO, that's not right either. FINALLY, she decided wearing it as-is would suffice on the bike ride back.

Day three hasn't ended yet. I'm drinking a cool Corona Light while Tim is cooking up some tacos. Tacos?, you ask. Well, we've eaten out a lot already, but today, after all of this pooling, biking, beaching, oh, and we did some grocery shopping too, we're just plain tired. We grabbed a couple of DVDs to watch, so we're going to enjoy the wonderful view outside of our big windows, our surrounding hacienda, and eat great food with great booze (except for the little ones, of course).

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