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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Six

Today was probably Tim's least favorite day -- window shopping in Bluffton.

Bluffton is another historic town outside of the island. We had first stopped there a two years ago, the last time we were on the island. It's small and quaint and the shops are kitschy, one not-really-after-another-but-close-enough to walk to.

Thankfully, CJ is just like me where she can look at each individual piece and take her time in store. Mi-Mi has yet to be transformed but Tim has no patience for this. Today, I didn't care. I told him 'off with you! find something to keep you occupied while we shop.' He toted his youngest child and left us behind.

The stores are not too unique, but just fun to browse. There are local art shops but as usual, I am not of the mindset, nor the wallet, for paying the prices of original art work. I love original art and want to invest in it, but I don't have the aptitude to figure out what's worth its price. For now, I'll stick with the low man on the totem pole and invest in the little guy for now.

Back to Bluffton: the second store we hit was a hit. I collected several bracelets for purchase. This was after rummaging through the basket filled to the hilt with $4 bracelets. As I head to check-out, I overhear the saleslady tell the customer that the phone line isn't working thus, she could not take credit cards. Great. There goes my great buys.

I leave telling her I'll be back to purchase them, but I know I won't.

We move on from store-to-store. "Antiques" we see are heavily overpriced. Old rusted chandeliers -- would look great hanging on my porch -- ~$175. No thanks. I'm here for a great bargain.

CJ is too. She's on the hunt for a new purse. She asks for help in finding a new purse. CJ is not only a purse addict but an aficionado. She finds a great design at the kitschiest store, one that resembles an old filling station. The purse is divine -- I told her I'd help her with the cost if it was even close to reasonable. Price? $110. She's bummed and I'm bummed for her. We both walk away almost empty-handed. I ended up with two toe rings after the two hour adventure.

Still, it was fun for us but you can see how Tim wouldn't enjoy it. Nonetheless, I tell CJ to look through the shopping guide and promised to take her back out in search for her beloved purse.

On a better note, we had a great lunch in Bluffton. Tim vowed that he would drive back to this place before eating at the places we've had the past few days -- excluding the Wild Wing Cafe, of course.

When we were in Bluffton two years ago, we just happen to come upon this place: Pepper's Porch. It looks like an old run down tin-and-wood building. You can sit on the porch to eat, or inside. As last time, we sat inside and enjoyed the best meal we've had since we got to the island.

First, we enjoyed some fried green tomatoes. CJ refused to try it, which is her modus operandi but Mi-Mi took a taste and decided that it wasn't up her alley.

Next, I had the special - shrimp quesadilla. The shrimp is from the May River, whatever that means. All I know is that they were plump and wonderful, mixed in with some sweet onions and red and green bell peppers. DEE-LISH-US!

Tim went for the oyster po-boy which was full of lightly breaded oysters. I tried one of the oysters and I could actually taste the oyster, unlike the ones I had at Land's End Tavern, which were mostly breading.

CJ opted for a Dino Dog. She wouldn't buy into our explanation that it was really a dinosaur dog. But let me say, I took a bite of that hot dog and it was mighty juicy and tasty. One of the best hot dogs I've ever had. I'm not kidding. Tim had taken a few bites and was yumming it up. I seriously thought he was just messing with CJ until I took a bite and I thought: holy shit! that's one good hot dog!

Mi-Mi went for the fried shrimp. These were beautifully butter-flied, plump shrimp, also with a light breading. Of course, I had to have a bite or two and they were one of the best I've had. BTW, this was off the kid's menu.

I ordered Mi-Mi's sides so I could have a taste of the cheesy grits. No french fries today! The cheesy grits were amazing and reminded me of an old friend in the Philippines. She was from some small town in Georgia who married her high school sweetheart and suddenly found herself in the Philippines all alone. I'd ride my bike to her house and she'd make a batch of her cheesy grits and we'd play backgammon. I told this story to the familia, although Tim was the only one who listened. Them were some damn good grits and the folks at Pepper's Porch apparently got her recipe.

The menu was full of options that I would think anyone on Hilton Head Island would try to serve: Shrimp & Grits, Creamy Crab Soup, Salmon, Catfish, Lobster, etc. all kinds of stuff that can be available on their menu but instead, they opt to feed the masses -- who prefer everything fried, including their damn candy bars. Greedy bastards.

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