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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Seven

Today was another shopping day. This time, we left Tim at home and headed out to Shelter Cove, another marina outside of Sea Pines, for a shopping spree.

The night before, I told CJ to look through the shopping guide and find places to go. She found "Life's a Beach" which was at Shelter Cove. Perfect, since I knew how to get there.

I bundled the kids up into the car and we are OFF!

Shelter Cove is another well-designed shopping/villas/restaurants place. Tim and used to stop here every visit, but the last few years we never made it. There's big statue of King Neptune as you enter the complex. The marina is nice and the shops and restaurants outline one side of the marina. This another place, however, where the food does not stand out. We've eaten at every one of them and they are of the same high-price-mediocre-taste venue.

We start with one shop that is full of cool stuff: humongous wind chimes, those cute stakes you stick in your garden, Cwater fountains, etc. It is just fun to look at all the odd stuff. Mi-Mi found me an awesome copper water fountain. It was only $1300. I thought I'd look around the store a bit more before I decided to get it...

CJ found a wooden 'thing' that turned out to be a bank. Hard to describe it, but I'll give it a shot. These wooden things ended up being various animal shapes: dolphin, dog, cat, dinosaur...and one could stick a coin in its mouth and it would follow a groove all the way to the tummy, which was a plastic ball that resembles the toddler toy that you push around and the balls inside pop up. Again, kitschy but useful. CJ wanted the dolphin at the cool price of $99.

She said she'd want one for her birthday or Christmas. I asked the sales person if I could take pics and he said yes, so I took a picture of the copper water fountain and the banks. Maybe eBay can do something a little better for me on the price.

We leave and continue. We just went into every single store. Except the real estate 'store'. CJ enjoyed being sarcastic about that one: "Oh, let's go shopping for real estate. How exciting. We must go in there."

"Life's a Beach" was finally found and ended up being the last store we stop at in Shelter Cove. We have lunch here, Pirate's Cove, which was fine - again, nothing outstanding - and head off back towards Sea Pines - with more shopping in-between.

I make a stop at a pretty old house with a big sign "Antiques". Again, nice store with prices for someone other than me. CJ finds a gold shell and makes a purchase.

Next stop is a consignment store that I've passed every visit, wondering what kind of stuff is in there. I decide today I'm going to find out.

Great store - lots of nice, used clothing. This woman chooses her clothing well. Most of it, however, is from the fuddy-duddy folks. Big square outfits whether it be a dress, a skirt, a suit, or a shirt. But I'm a meticulous shopper -- which is another trait that Tim has no patience for -- I look at each individual item.

The girls found some toys, so I left them there despite the signs that "Unattended children will be eaten."

With God music playing in the background, I find several items of interest. I try them on and leave with three things for me and a couple for Tim.

Next stop was the CVS Pharmacy. The girls LOVE going to the pharmacy, whether it be CVS or Eckerd's. I am always in search of a certain crossword puzzle magazine. Yes, I am really into these little puzzles and have them strewn about the house. Except I lose them and end up with one that I hold close to me and worry that I will finish the book before I purchase another.

But, I am picky about the brand. I first found my love for crossword puzzle magazines last year while at Asheboro. The dry Wal-Mart offered me no booze, but instead, gave me a great crossword book. To this day, I cannot find that particular brand but have since found anything made by Kappa will work. Dell and Penny Press SUCK. The easy ones are too easy and it's wasted space. Kappa offers me a challenge each puzzle.

But I digress...not really...the pharmacies are great places to find the puzzle brand that I search for. I succeed and find three types and now have to contemplate on which one to get. Yes, I could get all three, but my mind doesn't work that way and thus, I must ponder which one becomes the one I take home.

The girls are running around the store. It is full of beach gear and toys. I look around some more and find a cool bucket hat for myself. You know, this is where one should buy souvenirs. Prices are probably 1/3 of what the other places charge

Finally, I get the girls and we head back home. Tim has been without us all afternoon. I am certain he misses us.

We get home and the girls show off all their purchases -- at the same time. "Daddy - look at what I got!"

After a little break, Tim carts the kids and Brenna to the beach. My plan is to run to them. They're off and I get my stinky shoes and head out for my run.

The run starts off with the tickly feeling in my legs. This is a sign of weakness. I've eaten like a horse since I've been here, so I know that fuel is not a problem. I ignore the ticklish feeling and pick up my pace. It feels pretty do-able and better.

It's hot, of course, and I'm sweating like a pig. The intersection that I cross to get to the beach path comes to me rather quickly. Wow! That was easier than last time!

I take the beach path and make it to the beach to discover it's high tide. There's little room for packed sand to run on, but it's just me so I have no problems. Plus, I have my stinky shoes on so I could care less if I run them through the water. Can't make 'em smell any worse than they already are.

I am mentally prepared for a long run on the beach. I know that Tim and the girls are well beyond where I start my run. It's nearly the other end of this beach. But the heat gets to me and I'm thinking "Where is the breeze???" It is HOT and the sun is beating down on my face.

The mental battle hits and I'm like - I just want to walk to them. But my ego is strong and I don't want them to see me walk, nor do I want any of the beach patrons I pass to see me walk.

I start looking for them in the distance. I see two little girls in the water and one looks just like CJ. But the shadowy figure nearby is of a woman. I think my peripheral is off and decide that it's just another person but the kids are definitely mine. I get closer and realize they are not mine, but belong to an African American family. Well, CJ has braids throughout her hair, so that was a likely mistake.

I keep running and think -'s not just two girls that I'm looking for...there has to be a dog in that picture too.

I can see far enough ahead of a slight curve to the beach. There is no dog with two girls. I know that I have a ways to the curve before I can look for new figures.

I hit the curve and run some more. I finally see a dog and two girls. THANK YOU!! I am so ready to stop.

The great thing was seeing Brenna. She was staring at me and I could tell she was trying to figure out if she knew me. After a second, I see she knows exactly who I am and runs towards me. Wow. You can't beat that feeling. It was a nice surprise and after my dog runs excitedly towards me, my two girls come towards me.

So, it wasn't much of a run -- a little over three miles -- but it was enough to keep my legs and ego in check.

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