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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hilton Head: Day One

We left Raleigh a day early than we planned. We just couldn't wait to get there. We found a hotel that would take Brenna. We thought it would be great to get there early and the check into our home-away-from-home earlier.

The hotel, coincidentally, was the same hotel we stated at the very first time I had visited Hilton Head, which was around 1996. It was during this vacation that we were influenced to start a family. Every family we passed seemed deliriously happy. We wanted to be part of that cult too -- don't leave us out!! Anyway, now we are part of the 'deliriously happy family' cult. So go ahead, have kids and you'll realize how delirious you'll get!!

One not-so-user-friendly kink about this hotel: check-in/check-out happens to be in a different building. Sooooo...the visitor drives to the actual place in which one would stay, i.e. the hotel rooms, only to realize one needs their room key to get into the building. Thus, you must turn around and drive about two blocks to the entrance of the road to actually check-in. This is not so obivous -- no signs pointing out this oddity. So in our case, with 11 years between the two times we stayed, we made the same "user error" by driving pass the buidling that houses the lobby. Not a very good experience.

And the other kink that makes this hotel, um, lame, is the fact that they have some dude in the hotel room building, waiting to prey on the hotel visitors with his Hilton Head discounts. Never a good sign of a fine establishment, IMO.

After we get into our hotel, which doesn't smell like a hotel, according to my 9 year old, we walk to our favorite restaurant. One we never miss when we're in town and the one we drove two hours to go to, just a few short weeks ago. That would be the Wild Wing Cafe. We indulged in the same meal: 25 wings (up to five flavors), buffalo blue chips and Corona Lights.

This time, the nine year old indulged in our wings, so it was a beautiful thing. Usually, Tim and I are striving to get as many wings down as possible.

After a quick stop at the Piggly Wiggley for Corona Lights and Little Debbie brownies, we headed back to our room and sought REMs for our big day two in this paradise.

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