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Monday, August 20, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Four

Tim was still in excrutiating pain today. He could no longer hold his right arm up. He spent most of the morning looking for an orthopaedic office that would take him in. One was found -- appointment at 2:30.

We decided to get CJ's back-to-school shopping done. Her first day will be this coming Monday. Where else do you go shopping for back-to-school stuff while vacationing on a paradise island? Target!

Target is close to the edge of HH but on the _other_ side. You know, the side that starts the journey *into* the island. We had lunch first, which was at Katie O'Donnell's Irish Pub. Isn't that the first place one thinks of while near the ocean? An Irish Pub?

It actually turned out to be a decent place. Service was really, really good and although my specialty of the house, fish and chips, were really good the first few bites, the grease caught up with me and I had to stop. That greasy food stayed with me the entire day.

Target was next and within an hour, we had the shopping done. Woo-hoo! I was glad to get that done and over with.

Next stop: Doctor's office. We headed back into the island, dropped Tim off and then I was free to drive the island. I have been coming to this island for nearly 11 years and it is rare that I have ever driven around this place.

I managed to find the mall and took the girls in. This mall is nowhere near what we have in Raleigh. I think due to the fact that this place has so many specialty stores, there's just no way a mall can really survive. We didn't stay long and managed to leave just in time to get Tim's call to pick him up.

No amazing medical diagnosis took place but he got his cortisone shot that managed to help him, at least psychologically. We headed back, rested, then headed back out, with dog in tow, to the beach.

Brenna has never been to the beach. Our previous dogs had never been either and we regret that we never brought them.

Brenna has never shown an appreciation for water. She's a boxer-mix -- not a retriever, or any type of dog that would enjoy the water. I've taken her to Lake Lynn and she dipped her toes in the water once, only to get a closer look at a duck, but other than that, she's happy to stay clear away from it.

Tim had actually taken Brenna to the beach on day one. But she only touched the water a little (and I won a bet that she wouldn't be dashing into the water). This time, however, she went full fledge into the water. Not alone -- but with her best buddies, CJ and Mi-Mi. She chased those girls all over the water and it was amazing to see this dog jumping waves. She also tried to drink it. Okay, she didn't try...she drank the water. This would later cause her distress but that was over-shadowed by the delight we had at seeing her romp in the water.

Once tired and back home, we all enjoyed some homemade burgers -- while Brenna waited for the world to stop spinning.

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