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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Five

I started the day off with a run to the beach. I missed my run over the weekend -- no surprise -- but I knew I wanted to get one in today.

I headed to the beach. My run started off great. Nice slow pace through the trails of Sea Pines, which is just amazing. I wasn't even worried that someone would actually attempt to kill me! Well, the thought ran through my head, but I threw it out fairly quickly.

Once I got to the beach, which may be a mile or so from our rental, I was in heaven. Gorgeous wide sandy beach with very few folks around. And there was a breeze which felt great. I noticed I was running into the wind, so I knew my run back would feel better.

At some point, fairly quickly, the weakness set in. I was feeling tired and thirsty. I knew I didn't have any gatorade waiting for me back in the hacienda, but boy, water sure sounded really good.

I headed back and then noticed that the headwind that kept me cool and slow was no longer around. No wind at my back AT ALL. It was as if someone turned it off as soon as I turned around. Just stillness and my struggle to get back home.

I thought my pace would be quicker on the way back but instead, I had a trot. I didn't care and my attitude about "I'll walk back" came into play. So there was some walking and some running and just the annoyance that I felt so frickin' tired and weak...and where the hell is my hacienda???? Why is it taking so damn long?

As I made it onto the street with my rental, I saw Tim with the girls headed to the pool. Oh man, the pool sounds divine but I must drink water.

I made it in and gulped, I don't know, 16 ounces of water at least. Lots of OJ and lots of walking with profuse sweat. It took me about ten minutes to settle and feel as though my thirst was quenched. Then I headed to the pool...still sweating profusely.

We had to wait a few minutes for the cleaning of the pool but once in, we were the tourists every resident hates. The pool has become OURS since we got here. Today was no different. The old folks had to swim around us! Not really, but doesn't that sound funny?

Tim and the girls had bought a big turtle blow-up thingy on day two and today, we used it. CJ got in it, then CJ and Mi-Mi, then Tim turned it over to dump them out so he could get in it. Then I got in it. I think Tim and I were in it more than the little ones.

Afterwards, we headed back, chatted with some folks fishing. Well, they chatted with _us_. I wanted to take a picture of the alligator floating in the water. We got on our bikes and pedaled our butts to The Salty Dog Cafe.

We own a lot of Salty Dog stuff and we buy a lot of this stuff as souvenirs for our friends, but the cafe is yet another example of unremarkable food. Still thirsty, I downed three 12 ounce cokes.

More shopping was done by CJ and then we pedaled back. Once back, CJ threw down her bike and rushed to get in. She was PO'd at us because of the heat. Yeah, as if we were not feeling any of this awful heat. Once in, I downed another 20 ounce of water.

After some down time, it was back out to Harbour Town for dinner. Well, CJ did more shopping. Once Tim and I were settled, we let them run into the nearby stores while we enjoyed some happy hour beverages.

Dinner was at the Crazy Crab. Wait wasn't long to get seated, but to actually get the food took awhile. Fortunately, we were covered by our drinks.

Food here is also very so-so but boy, this place never has an empty table. It's lucky to be in the location that it's at -- just a constant stream of tourists. At least service was good.

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  1. Glad to see you got out to run, sorry it didn't end up that good. I had a similar run, started off good, but died at the end. I hate this heat...
    Enjoying the holiday updates hope you all are having fun...