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Friday, August 24, 2007

Hilton Head: Day Eight

Today was kind of a kick-back day. Tim and I were trying not to think about how our vacation in paradise was coming to an end.

In fact, I spoke to a friend of mine about this the week before. She's planning a big trip to New Zealand and she's excited about going. But once it gets here - the vacation - it brings you one day closer to when it's over. My vacations always feel that way and I try not to focus on it, since it tends to be a 'glass half empty' thought. But I bet most of us feel that way about these trips...unless, of course, you can do this often (i.e. you're rich).

Anyway, internet access was extremely crappy. We were told that wireless was available at our rental, but in fact, it was DSL that just didn't work. Instead, I had to piggyback off someone else's extremely slow wireless and usually that only happened in the evening or in the morning, in the kitchen, with me standing on my head. If any of that changed - FUGGEDABOUTIT!

I wasn't too interested in getting on the net, other than the fact that I wanted to post to my blog. Very frustrating as I would write on the mac but would be unable to post it for hours, sometimes a good day.

We decided that we'd take our girls to get a much needed haircut and Tim found a place at Coligny Plaza, one of the main near-the-beach-shopping plazas that we frequent off Sea Pines. I knew there was an internet cafe and possibly a wireless hotspot, as indicated by our HH map.

There were a couple of hair cut places. We picked the first one we came across. CJ ended up getting her hair cut here, but this place was quite, um, frumpy? It looked like a place my grandmother had been to, only messier. There were two older women and one 'younger' woman, who was probably in her early 40s. She was, I think, feeling like a big time stylist since she had an appointment coming to see her. In turns out she didn't even know the woman and well, the woman she worked on needed more than her help to fix her hair.

Mi-Mi was going to get her hair cut after CJ. Tim came in and said he'd take Mi-Mi to another shop to get them done at approximately the same time. Sure, I thought although it wasn't like we were in a hurry. So off the two of them go.

We finish up and pay the $18 for the kid's cut, which was a whole lot better than Day 1 here, where the hair cut place said it would cost me $35 for a kid's cut. To which I replied with laughter and a curt Thank You as I left the salon laughing.

Come to find out, Tim was concerned about Granny Parkinson -- the name he gave the woman who did CJ's hair. Apparently, she had the shakes which I did notice later, but thought it was nerves. Thus his choice of bringing Mi-Mi to a different shop.

BTW, the girls look very cute with their hair cuts.

We ate lunch at the Frosty Frog Cafe & Daiquiri Bar. AGAIN, nothing to write home about. Afterwards, Tim and the girls went browsing while I went to the internet cafe. I asked if I could bring my laptop in, since it looked like a bunch of old computers in a sundries shop and the big trucker looking dude said I could. I happily return with my macbook only to be told I had to pay in advanced. PAY? FOR WHAT?

I promptly turn my heels and go back out to the car, hoping to either A) piggyback off the rip-off shop or 2) get on the wireless hotspot. I got the wireless hotspot alright -- just like the HH map outlined -- but you have to pay for it. AARRGH. I am NOT paying for internet service (well, I already do).

Tim thought Starbucks so we headed there. Well those buttheads charge too! But lo and behold, I see a connection to Staples so I try it and voila! I'm connected and it actually works normally (NOT SLOW).

Afterwards, we head back and pass some time at the pool. I make dinner this evening. I'm done with the undistinguished food being served in the area restaurants.

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