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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Good Experiences

This is what I think of nearly everyday. Am I having a good experience today, or a bad one? The good ones don't always stand out like the bad ones.

For example, today I had an appointment to have my left eye examined for lasik. It has already undergone lasik, although it was never completed due to a mild complication.

I had to go to Durham. The place will renamed unname, but it's a major 'hospital' in the city.

The doc I see is awesome. She gives a very good experience. Very friendly. Very informative. Very personable. I made sure to go to whereever she was.

I show up about 12 minutes late for my 3PM appointment. I am directed to the waiting room, which is QUITE FULL. Hmmm... I almost feel like I am in an emergency room.

I check-in with okay folks behind the desk. Not the nastiest I have encountered, which is pretty good due to the fact that THERE WERE A LOT OF PEOPLE WAITING to be seen. I would consider this a HIGH level of stress for "behind-the-desk" folks.

I sit down and break out my Treo and play backgammon. I overhear someone who has just awaken from a nap that he has been waiting nearly two hours. His appointment was at 1:30. The others nearby say they too have been waiting awhile.

I found this a little disconcerting, so I went to the desk to ask if the wait is really hours. She confirmed it was and I asked to reschedule. Well, come to find out the wait was really long for the _glaucoma_ patients, not for the patients who would be seeing my awesome doctor.

Although I felt a little better for my situation, I found it distressing. I sat in this waiting room full of elderly, or minority-based, or maybe low-income (an assumption with no validity) waiting HOURS for this particular eye doctor to see them. AND they tolerated it.

This is NOT what a good experience is about. At some point, wouldn't the doctor and/or staff see that the doc was behind/overbooked/not-making-it-work and allow these people an oppoortunity to come back? Of course, that isn't the answer either. Who knows what it took to get these patients to get to THEIR APPOINTED time.

But I still found it shitty. I didn't think anyone of priviledge and money would ever have to go throught this if they had to see the doctor and then it just pissed me off.

I haven't seen Sicko yet, but I really, really want to. However, I don't need to see it to see that one aspect of our healthcare system is f**cked up when people wait at least TWO HOURS to see a doctor.

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