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Monday, August 06, 2007

Cool Jobs

Literally. That would be the job of an ice road truck driver.

What? You ask. Yes, there is a job for driving a truck across ice.

I heard about this from my favorite, well actually the only, podcast I listen to, Keith and the Girl. Keith was talking about this TV show called Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. It sounded intriguing enough to give it a try.

I was actually confused initially. I thought the show meant that these dudes went to the middle of a frozen tundra and picked up ice blocks and drove them back.

HAHAHA. How ridiculous of me. That makes absolutely no sense at all. I must have been oxygen-deprived since I usually listen to the show while I'm running...and since my running hasn't been that great lately...

The show is really about these semi-truck drivers who travel across frozen lakes -- hence, the ice. They travel to a frozen tundra that is in Canada, delivering supplies to diamond mines.

They have ~60 days to travel to and from these mines. Then, voila! the 'road' disappears.

Lots of money can be made doing this, but it is extremely dangerous. The truckers have to drive extremely slow. The vibration from the truck movement creates waves within the lake, underneath the ice. This can cause the ice to crack and break and thus, collapsing underneath a truck -- taking the truck and its driver into the depths of cold, cold, really cold, lake water. I don't know what the temps are below water, but above water, the temps are in the -32°F range. So you can imagine how cold it must be in the water.

One of the truckers from the show, Alex, describes how a person can pretty much appear like wax once submerged in the icy lake. The only hope is to actually jump out before plunging into the water.

It's really a very interesting show to watch. I'm freezing just watching it. My nine year old loves this show, which is pretty amazing since she also loves So You Think You Can Dance (hey, I watch it too!!).

Catch it if you can - Sundays at 10PM on the History Channel:

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