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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Caffe Luna

I have been wanting to try this place out for years. I kind of forgot about it until the 180º trip to Bella Monica a few days ago. I wanted some great pasta from somewhere and since we weren't good enough for Bella Monica, I thought I'd give this place a try.

It was good timing, since we decided to give it a try on Saturday, which was our wedding anniversary.

I called ahead to verify the dress code. There would be an outdoor concert at Moore's Square and we wanted to be casually comfortable in our jeans.

The person over the phone was extremely nice and informative and allowed me to make reservations for an hour later. So far, so good.

We arrive on-time and are greeted with amazing doors to the restaurant. Very reminiscent of the places we went to in downtown D.C. The interior is just as nice - it _could_ be stuffy, but for some reason, it is not. Probably the friendliness of the staff.

We were seated and our cute waitress came by with the specials. We asked for a wine recommendation and she heartedly recommended the Ferrari-Carano Cabernet.

The bread offering was okay. It was accompanied by EVOO. The bread was cold and I would have wanted a bit warmer. The EVOO was quite tasty with a nice wang to it, which I like.

I had the Linguine al Granchio. The dish was quite big, as the waitress forwarned. It contained quite a bit of crabmeat and a nice surprise, some whole roasted garlic. There would be no dates with vampires tonight!

However, it was very tomatoey, which surprised me because the menu described the dish with a "touch of tomato", so I didn't expect it to be so, well, tomatoey. For me, I prefer my tomatoey dishes made at home rather in restaurants. Despite that, it was still very good.

My date, the man who has stuck with me for these many years, had the Tortelloni Florentina. This was a ravioli dish which he enjoyed. I tried it and it was quite good. I'm just not a ravioli person.

Prices were decent - in the mid-to-upper teens. About the same prices I recall seeing on Bella Monica's website. But again, the location of *this* place makes this more of a 'deal'.

I would definitely give this place another try. I wouldn't declare it the best in pasta just yet, but I would certainly declare it's atmosphere and service as A+.

Caffe Luna
136 East Hargett Street

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