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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to the Basics

The new blogging software was not working for me. I found myself spending way too many hours trying to get my blogspot crap over to my new domain. I was even somewhat 'content' to copy and paste all 50 of my blogspot entries over but when I couldn't even modify things as simple as the templates, it was time to dump them and move back to what I knew would work,

Currently, I am awaiting the next round of troubles. I am writing this entry knowing that it won't be seen because as of now, points to the last blog (i.e. non-blogspot blog). Once the DNS servers resynch, or whatever it is they need to do to get the settings to my domain name, then I'll see if this blog takes to the domain name or not.

This has been an absolutely frustrating experience. I am all about GOOD EXPERIENCES and guaranteed, this was not one of them. I was using Quick Blog, which comes with, where I purchased my domain name.

First problem, I couldn't get my entries imported to it. Second thing, I couldn't customize the template. This really was the whole point of moving on - having my own domain with my own look and feel. Jeezuz is was excrutiantingly painful to figure out that I couldn't do that (no, I didn't read the help until I couldn't do something).

I wanted to add my blogging toys - google analytics especially - but there's no way to do that since you can't customize your own html.

BAD BAD BAD. This is really bad for software, IMO.

But the troubles didn't stop there. Then I had to deal with the fact that my blogging editor would not work with Qumana - nice interface AND FREE but no support for I searched far and wide and NOTHING clued me in on how to make it work. Okay, there were hints but none worked. What a freakin' waste. At least address the fact that you don't f**king support blogspot so that potential users don't spend HOURS trying out different settings.

I searched for another editor. Okay, I'll even consider purchasing one if it works and has a nice interface. So Ecto was next. I barely had a glimpse of the interface to find out quickly that it TOO would not play friends with At least there was indication that the developer was NOT going to fix the problem in the current release.

I knew MarsEdit worked with so I decided to download it again and try it out. MarsEdit was fine -- although I was extremely excited about using Qumana because it just looked and felt great -- and supported categories, which MarsEdit did not (at least when I used it).

But alas, since I had already used up the trial period, I couldn't use that either.

Having the editor would have made it so much easier to move my eight entries with Quick Blog over to Since I didn't have that, I resorted to COPY AND PASTE, which is absolutely RIDICULOUS in this day-and-age of technology. Sure, maybe there is a particular editor that would have worked, but it wasn't easy to find.

Let me just say, when I started my blog on blogger, within minutes, I was up-and-running. THAT is a good experience. But it seems that once the blog is out there and published, moving it anywhere in the world becomes the BAD experience.

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