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Friday, August 31, 2007

7 at 7

This was my run with $Bill on Thursday: seven miles at 7 AM.

I felt pretty good. I had done a Back to the Core class the day before that gave me a little ego boost about running the next day (vs. being idle) -- and kept my legs warm.

We have a decent pace. Nothing fast but definitely an even coordinated pace. We stick it out for quite awhile but I ask for a walk break up a sharp hill on Black Creek. If you run it, you know which one I am talking about.

We did a short walk break when $Bill said we should save the walk for the hill. This is on the path back through a neighborhood to get back to our starting point.

No problem. We pick up pace - especially since I think I'll be walking soon. We start up the hill and $Bill is not walking. I question this and he's like 'this hill?' As if this was not the one he was talking about. Fine. I can run it. And I do. And he does. And it just keeps going.

So technically, it's more of a long upward slant vs. a hill. But it is never-ending. I think to myself that I'll just run this damn hill until I get to the neighborhood street and THEN I'm walking.

But there isno street in sight. Just more UP.

So after what seemed like an hour, I ask $Bill "How much further?" because I'm just going to book it and kill myself to get to the damn street. He starts with "You'll go up here then turn, then..." and before I listened to the rest, I just stopped and started walking. There were too many words in that sentence. I was expecting "It's right there" or something close to three words or under.

It ends up that he was talking about a different hill, which is indeed a sharp inclined hill. So sharp I had to push onto my thighs to get me to even walk up it. Thank goodness I didn't attempt to run it. Well, I wouldn't have, since I would have just stopped once I saw the incline...even if I was in my top running form.

We made it back and I was quite happy with it. A better day of running for me. Not my best yet this summer. I'm still waiting for that to happen.

The run is before my work day begins. We have locker rooms at work, so I had to bring work clothes with me in order to be ready for my day.

Before the run, I realized that I had a Wallyball game to play at lunch time. Well I knew I had only brought myself one extra pair of underwear. This was for the shower after my run. But wallyball is a very rigorous game and it makes me sweat like a guy too. One pair of underwear would not work. I had to call Tim to see if he could bring me another one before my afternoon game.

Again, this was a call made before $Bill and I did the run.

After the run, I feel great. My time to get ready and get to work looks great. I shower and while I'm in the shower, I think about many things, including what I will be wearing. At that point, I realize I forgot my shoes.

Today of all days, I decide to bring in a nice outfit: long black skirt with a pretty beige blouse. The only shoes I have? My yellow $1 flip-flops that I wear within the locker room and my once-stinky Adidas running shoes that I had just worn to run.

What to do????

When I'm out of the shower, I notice within my locker that I also have a pair of trail shoes. This works a little better since my trail shoes are dark grey. I decide that I will just wear those and run home after the wallyball game and grab my nice black heels.

But first, I call Tim to see if I can catch him before he leaves. He offers to go back and get my shoes but at this point, I decide that wearing my trail shoes isn't that bad -- especially where I work, since most folks like their Birkenstocks with socks, or just plain flip-flops (like me -- but my yellow ones are reserved for the locker room).

A friend of mine overhears me requesting shoes on the phone and she comes back into the locker room with an extra pair of black shoes she had in her car. BTW, they were gorgeous. :-)

Unfortunately, they didn't fit so well so I did end up with sneakers all day.

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