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Sunday, July 01, 2007


No, not the beautiful Evelyn at Hayes Barton, but the movie. After our fabulous time at Hayes Barton, we enjoyed this flick at The Rialto.

I was really surprised when Tim mentioned that he would like to see this movie. I have wanted to see it after reading about it awhile back, so I jumped at the chance when he said his favorite girl (not Keri Russell, but Cheryl Hines) was in it.

What a sweet, sweet, endearing, albeit, unusual movie. But hey! It's an indie at the Rialto and I would not expect anything less.

Keri Russell was great in the movie. I wasn't a Felicity fan and anything I ever knew of Keri Russell was from that show and something to do with the tragedy that occurred when she cut her hair.

She was pretty dead-pan in the flick but she delivered enough that I shed a few tears at key moments in the movie.

Jeremy Sisto was in it, which I had no idea beforehand. He's on my cute list. Well, make it my "hot" list. This tall, dark, brooding man who was amazing in Six Feet Under. He did so well in this movie, and his character was written so well, that I was repulsed by this hot actor.

And the best of all, Andy Griffith was in it. He was supposed to be an old curmudgeon, but nothing Andy Griffith does could have me believe he is really a surly character. It was wonderful to see Sheriff Taylor in such a movie.

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