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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Til Death Do Us Part

I don't know why this is, but I read the obituaries. I have been for many years.

Some days, I skim through them all, merely glancing at the ages of the deceased and honing in on the younger ones.

Other days, I read the longer ones -- the "featured" ones. It doesn't matter how old they are - I read their life stories in just one small column.

My mindset is this: these people who died were loved, still loved, and are greatly mourned by friends and family. Even if I did not know this person, I feel the need to commemorate their life by reading their bio. The person who put together this summary took great lengths and great strength to write a few paragraphs of great accomplishments of someone they love so dearly. While they struggle to put these words together, they mourn. "Parting is such sweet sorrow" is what I think fits perfect in this analogy.

In today's Sunday paper, I read one obituary about a man, just six days shy of his 70th birthday. This one had no picture and, wasn't as young as I usually read. But it caught my eye, nonetheless.

It was an inspiring write-up. It was obvious that he leaves many behind who will miss him too much. But what I loved was that it was written as though his life was too short -- this is unusual for a person close to 70.

These are the statements that stand out for me - inspiring me to be something close to what people said about "him":

"If you knew him, celebrate his life with us. If you didn't, we're sorry for your loss."

"...get busy liviing fiercely as he did."

"He believed that death would be the end of him. But he was wrong. He will haunt us forever."

"Instead of sending flowers, he would ask that you contribute to anything but the Republican National Committee."

Of course, I loved the last one. And to think that someone would put that in an obituary just shows what kind of man he was and what kind of friends/family he had to include such a statement.

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