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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Simpson's


We got to see The Simpson's tonight.  I 'won' tickets from the Zone site of the News and Observer site.  Well, I was actually trying to get Hairspray tickets, but something went wrong and to sum it up, the nice folks at Zone offered me these instead.

We all were very excited about seeing this movie.  Even better since Cerina mentioned how today was 'the most boringest day of camp ever'.  This should cheer her up.

We headed towards Mission Valley, which is where the sneak preview was being shown.  We stopped at Cloo's Coney Island for food.  I've only been here once before and didn't notice anything stand out.  Today, however, was pretty cool.  Service was AMAZING and the two 'servers' appeared to be college students.  I have a little bias that college students could give a shit about offering good service, but so not true here.

The place started out pretty empty but by the time we left, it started bustling.  We ate at the booth and enjoyed a greasy meal of hot dogs, cheese fries and baby burgers (sort of like Krystals).  Tim mingled with a guy named Jake, who sat at the bar with us.  We took his seat, since I moved his cup that had "Jake" on it.  But for some reason, Jake liked to come and go, so he doesn't stay put.

After that, we headed to Mission Valley.  It has been YEARS since I've been to this theater.  I've wanted to return since it went under new ownership years ago.  I knew they served beer and wine (wrong about the wine - none, but there is beer!).a

The place was packed.  Oddly enough, for having such a packed house, the audience was awesome.  There was a sense of Simpson comraderie.  No one talked on the phone, talked to their friends, or used any other bad theater behavior.

The movie was AWESOME.  How could they put a Simpson show in the theater?  Well, they figured it out and they figured it out well. 

You HAVE to check it out.  And may I advise that you check it out at Mission Valley.  This will be my theater of choice, NOT because they serve beer (but it helps) but because this IS a LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED theater.  I like supporting them and I hope you all do too.  Oh, and don't forget to stop by Cloo's Coney Island either.  Great hot dogs and burgers...and they serve beer too!!!

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