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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

She's Got Balls

Today, my youngest daughter asked if she could play outside.  She went out front and explored the yard, while we tried to wake the other daughter up from a very deep, tiring nap.

Mia came in and fortunately, Tim saw her carrying something in her hands.  He asked her what she had and she said, very excitedly "I found balls!"

Tim asked her where she found them and she said "In Brenna's poop!"  He repeated "In Brenna's poop?" and she corrected him:  "Not *IN* Brenna's poop, *ON* the poop".

Tim then explained to Mia that Brenna had in fact, ate these balls and they had come back out, well, the other end.  This was said as he ran her to the sink to scrub her little hands and the balls she happily found.

They must have been lost toys because she was yelling to Cerina "sahREENA!  I found the balls!  I found the balls!"

So after all that 'exploring' the front yard for treasure, she decided to end their journey (the balls) by pushing these little suckers down one of our HVAC vents.

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