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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hang In There

This is what a 'fellow' runner said to me this afternoon, well after we passed each other during our track workouts earlier in the day.  He actually sped past me with his group, but eh, semantics.

This 'fellow' is actually an elite triathlete.  The great thing about him, and the other (to me) really fast, more experienced runners I know are that they are such great motivators.  There is no talking down to me, or ignoring me during my workouts, since I am nowhere near there class of athleticism within the running community. 

So lately my runs have felt really HARD.  Sure, I have had some bad runs, but when nearly every run feels as though I have zero energy, or that my legs feel like lead, or the feeling of this ticklishness - that actually does not make me feel happy but weak - in my legs, well, running starts to become more laborious, it's hard to feel ENCOURAGED.

But I have some really good runners around me and they keep me pretty encouraged.  Plus, I have been running for several years and despite my crappy runs these past few weeks, I still LOVE to run.

But when I have days like today, I love running even more.  Not so much the act -- but the community.

Today I was lagging a few seconds behind everyone.  A few seconds behind someone *on the track* looks like a great distance for the lagger (i.e. me).  I was up for running solo today because I didn't want to keep pace with my regular crowd, which today felt too fast.

The last workout, which was a single freakin' 400 meters, was a slight struggle.  We had a hard workout and I just wanted to finish this thing.  The regular group kicked it in for the last 200 and all I wanted to do was crawl to the finish.  As I passed one of the elite runners, I heard one of them yell "Come on!  You can catch them!!"  Well, they were yards ahead of me and even if I had the punch to kick it in, I would've had to do some sub-outrageous-minutes to catch them.  I yelled back "I can't!" and he promptly replied with "Yes you can" with attitude.  I loved it.

When we were done, my best pal (and best running pal) said that I kept the pace and finished the hard workout.  He's always encouraging and not really the fake way.  He means it.  The only time he 'lies' to me is when he's explaining how flat or great a running route is when it's NOT but that's another story...

But the encounter later in the afternoon with the most elite athlete I know (his wife is too, but I don't really _know_ her) asked how my run went.  I gave him a cliff notes version of my runs and he related by stating that he too has a hard time with the heat.  As we parted ways, he gave a turn to me and said "Hang in there" and I decided that today was not such a bad day of running afterall.

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