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Monday, July 09, 2007

The Bus Stops Here....NOT!

Do you live in Raleigh? Have you taken notice to the bus stops in our city? If you have, you already know what many of us know...THERE ARE NO BUS STOPS!!!

What I mean by this is that there are no really good bus stops in our city. I used to live near Capital Boulevard. As I drove to work every day, I would see people standing in the heat, the rain, the cold, the wind, just standing there. The first time I'm sure I thought "Why are those people just standing there on the side of the road?" Until I realized, hey, that's a bus stop.

Then I moved a few miles away and noticed that the bus stops that I pass by every day for work also do not appear to be bus stops. Just a few people sitting or standing, as though they were just loitering.

My point is this: here in Raleigh, we have the CAT system -- which was recently highlighted as being 'banned' from entering those hoity-toity-wanna-be-NY-style shopping centers. For the mere mortals who rely on public transportation, i.e. CAT, they have to deal with standing, or finding a grassy area to sit on, while waiting for the bus. And the bus schedule? Well, that's another story. I digress...the main point is that there are no shelters at bus stops in Raleigh. In fact, the only designation that a bus stop exists is the orange (or is it red?) and white sign designation "this space" as a CAT bus stop.

There are no schedules listed at the bus stop. There is no bench. There is nothing but asphalt not but two feet away from the bus stops I pass on Creedmoor Raod, Glenwood Avenue and Edwards Mill Road. I know that Capital Boulevard falls into this category, since I ran by that spot for nearly ten years.

Why? I wish I could answer that, but I never did the research. But I'm ready now. This is outrageous. We want to be this great up-and-coming city and yet, we make mere mortals stand in the elements to wait for a bus. Ridiculous. This has to change. I have no idea how to make this a priority for someone, but I will make this my effort to bring this to the attention of our city council -- or whoever is responsible for making our city transportation improve.

If anyone that pays any attention to my blog (thank you :-)) has any ideas how to make this move forward, I would GREATLY appreciate your advice. I am serious about this. I think it's incomprehensible to have bus stops without a place to sit and have shelter.

Thankfully, the N&O also feels the same as I do and featured an article in today's (Sunday) issue. They outlined a bus stop - which was not one of the ones I mentioned above - where the folks used shopping carts -- SHOPPING CARTS -- as benches to sit on. And yes, it is also not sheltered

Come on Raleigh-ites - we need to fix this!!!!

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