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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Brenna's First Trip

Today we took our 1 1/2 year old mutt, Brenna, to Wilmington (that would be NC). We took a day trip, with one night at a pet-friendly hotel (Courtyard by Marriott, for those interested).

She did awesome. She has always been a great car rider. She is adopted, so I believe the travels she did to adoption fairs made her feel better about riding in the car. However, she isn't that keen in actually _getting_ into the car. But once in, she just lies down and waits for us to stop and let her out.

It sure is odd walking this dog through the hallways of a hotel, but we did it without fear of being reported to the hotel authorities.

We found information about a dog park somewhere near us here in Wilmington. We thought we'd try to tire her out before we went out to our favorite restaurant, leaving her "home" alone.

We finally found the park, but it was not the safest looking place we'd ever seen. Dog park destination: NIXED.

We headed towards Wrightsville Beach. We knew there was a park with some paths we could walk, so a backup plan came into play.

The park was fine -- not a dog park, although Mia kept calling it that. I walked Brenna around and she did her favorite thing, which was sniff everything in sight. Tim walked her, then I walked her again, then Cerina and Tim walked her one more time. This time, she happily jumped into the car -- enough walking for her!

We got her back into the hotel and waited a bit before we ventured out to our favorite place, Wild Wings Cafe.

But while we waited, we had to deal with the chaos of our two girls. Brenna was great; our girls, NOT. We thought briefly about leaving them in the crate and going with Brenna, but at the last moment, we thought they would make too much noise in the room, so we took them along.

We had a FABULOUS meal at Wild Wing Cafe -- which is actually a place we have never been to _here_ but at Hilton Head, SC. But our last trip to Wilmington, we noticed it here and flipped so this was our primary destination...not the beach. :-)

Wild Wing was great - probably better than the one in Hilton Head...but that may be because our kids finally settled momentarily. I love them dearly, but my gosh, they can go BESERK.

We made it back to the hotel and Brenna appeared as 'just awoken' when we entered the room. It was great to be back with her and keep her company. I would say that thus far, it has been a successful first adventure with Brenna. This is our 'dry-run' for next month, when we make it to Hilton Head with her for a week.

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