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Friday, July 27, 2007

Another Crappy Run

I had five miles to run today and I did it.  It wasn't easy though.  Still waiting for these to get better.

I felt relatively strong the first two miles.  About 2 1/2, my legs felt
weak.  I was trying to figure out what route I could do to make this
run go better.  But, I'm running around a lake, so my choice is to keep
going *this* way, or turn around and go *that* way (the way I just came
from).  Both ways suck because during today's run, all the gradual
inclines feel like mountains to my legs.  I run every one of them,
though, knowing that each one is making my legs feel weaker.

I end up running almost full circle - clockwise at Lake Lynn - stopping
before the incline up the hill that turns into the strip that is
between the lake and the parking lot.  I turn around and go back the
way I came.  I'd rather run down that hill, when I finish, which turns
into a path that comes from Lake Lynn into some apartments common areas.

It was a battle of my brain to keep going.  I thought of taking a walk
break during the turn-around.  But I somehow knew that if I did, I
wouldn't be able to run again, or running would be more miserable than
it already was.

So I kept going and really, I didn't slow my pace down too much.  I check my GPS often, but not often enough so that the words 'SHIT - that's all I've done so far?" wouldn't bring me down.

I tried to keep my head in tuned to my Keith and the Girl podcast.  It was good and I paid attention, but now that I am so good at counting, I ended up counting while listening.  Nothing was keeping me focused except trying to end this run.

What is wrong with my legs?  Why do they feel so weak??  I ate a Luna Bar before the run and I carbed up last night.  Drank lots of water and no alcohol.

I made it all the way around again but once my GPS read five miles, I STOPPED.  I walked most of the way back home, which was just as difficult for my legs to do.  I thought: there's no way I could've done anymore than this.

Well, I ran probably 1/4 mile back home.  It's the easiest piece of this route - flat, even toward a downhill slant.  I actually ran across Lynn Road -- you have to since the pedestrian crossing starts warning you to once your foot hits the street.  It actually didn't feel too painful until I stopped and then the weak pain feeling was back. 

But I kicked it to the end, probably impressing anyone who saw me at ~7AM in the morning (i.e. nobody). 

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