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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Night Out on the Town

Date Night

Babysitter Arrives.

Taxi Arrives.

Drop-off near Enoteca Vin.

Enoteca Vin: two glasses of wine for me; three for Tim. Only red, thankyouverymuch. Cheese plate with olives. Wonderful, wonderful service and again, the wine is outstanding with the cheese plate. The cheese plate is made up of five different cheeses, which include a goat and sheep-based cheese, plus a divine blue. The cheeses are weighed to precision. Be warned if one decides to venture here for the cheese plate. The cheese wedges are teeny-tiny compared to a 'cheese' plate you get from Sam's club. No cubes here. Just very fine, lean slices of cheese that do not appear to be worth the $15 it costs, but believe-you-me, it is. This is probably the closest thing we get to being hoity-toity.

Next spot, Bogart's. Corona for me; some-lady-named Martini for Tim. Great place to people watch, since the bar can't be cool enough to show me the French Open on their TVs. Notice two guys across from me. One has a blue tooth ear piece on as he hangs out with his buddy. He forever (that evening) is now known as 'bluetooth guy'...well, I thik Tim liked bluetooth idiot, but I went for the softer side.

Anyway, later in the evening, I notice bluetooth guy coming up on 'apparenlty-single-woman' who sat two stools down from Tim. A pretty, 30-something, WOMAN. In other words, not the slimmer-types so often seen. I noticed bluetooth guy because his buddy was slowly preying on the apparently-single-woman. It was too damn obvious.

So bluetooth guy went in for the left side and his buddy hit her on the right. I couldn't hear their conversations, but I was down with the apparently-single-woman because she handled these meatheads well. Very nice, very confident, and didn't act like they were the dips they were.

But then...apparently-single-woman's very nice looking date showed up - pulled her away from the two drips. I could see a glint in his eye (the date)...he seemed a bit happy to see men hitting on his date. The apparently-single-woman graciously said her goodbyes and the two doofus' were left alone and, humbled? Naw. They are probably hitting on some other woman thinking they have it all.

Next stop, walk to one of our favorites, 42nd Street Oyster Bar. It's late, but a big crowd is there. Short wait for the bar, so I had my Corona while Tim moves on to harder liquour, bourbon and coke. Band is playing. I think I catch the eye of the lead singer, but I don't know because I look at the rest of the band and I think "damn, these guys are OLD". They're like, my age, and are jammin' as though they were in high school. Music is the old rock that I don't particularly care for either, so I find them just as cheesy as Nickleback.

I notice that the waiter that gave me shitty, asinine service back in 1997 STILL WORKS HERE. He is always here when I come here and I cross my toes that we don't get him again. Fortunately, we don't and end up at the other end of the bar where we enjoy our WONDERFUL, JUICY oysters, steamed medium well with LOTS OF TEXAS PETE for me.

Taxi takes us back home.

Babysitter has made a chocolate panda cake and we get to keep it.

Kids are still up and give us lots of love.

Couldn't ask for a better date night (and this happens LOTS).

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