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Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Favorite Album: Nevermind by Nirvana

I have a lot of favorite albums that aren't necessarily by my favorite band. I often thought about doing a top ten favorite but I can't rank these albums. They are all favorites in a unique way, so how can I make one a "1" and another a "10"? So I thought I'd just write about albums that I love and why.

One of my favorite albums is no different than many, many other folks: Nirvana's Nervermind album.

I was introduced to Nirvana watching one of my favorite shows, Headbanger's Ball on MTV. It was "Smells Like Teen Spirit" playing and I just thought it was an amazing song. I especially loved the video with the cheerleaders and their tattoos.

Which brings me to a relevant tangent: I was, in fact, a cheerleader in high school. Once as a freshman and the other as a junior. I quit both times. The first time because my best friend abandoned me for cooler friends, so I abandoned this cheesy cheerleader character and found some riffraff to hang with -- much better crowd, I must say.

The second time I was "busted" for smoking a cigarette in uniform. This is a big NO-NO for the cheerleading squad because, you know, they have a reputation to protect. Being a slut is okay, but fogging up your lungs is not. Hey, you have to draw the line! So I was put on suspension. I think two weeks but instead, the rebel in me said I QUIT. And as life in the corporate world is, the squad moved on without me. I was dispensable. BTW, I attended "practice" for months afterwards, so I could hang out with my friends and especially, my boyfriend, who was the QB.

Anyway, seeing rebel cheerleaders in the Nirvana video made me happy. They were just too cool. If only I could have been _that_ kind of cheerleader.

Soon after their debut on Riki Rachtman's show, Nirvana became the talk of the town. They were THE SHIT. I don't like to follow sheep, so I ignored them. Instead, I turned to Soundgarden, which really, ain't in the same class as Nirvana despite being from Seattle. But I digress...

Nirvana stayed in the limelight for years to come... But I did cave in and invest in this CD -- the songs I had heard were just too good. So I popped the CD into our little Ford Explorer Sport as we drove to Charlotte for a concert held by my all-time favorite band, Metallica.

ehhh...the album was okay. Okay, it was less than okay. I didn't like anything else on the album except Teen Spirit and a little of Come As You Are.

But over the years, something happened and I changed my tune. I would hear some songs from this album sporadically: in bars, radio, MTV, whereever. And I liked them. I pulled the CD back out from its dusty grave and started listening to it. Then I couldn't stop. Every freaking song on that album sent me chills -- the lyrics, the riffs, Kurt's raspy voice and by god, the amazing Dave Grohl on drums.

The lyrics are genius. I love, love, love this album.

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