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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Book Review: Stop Dressing Your Six-Year-Old Like a Skank: And Other Words of Delicate Southern Wisdom by Celia Rivenbark

No, I didn't pick this book up because it 'spoke' to me. My daughters aren't six anyway! Ha!

For me, going to the library is like a kid in the candy store. I browse and nearly every book I see, I want. I could see 'how to knit toaster covers' and I'll think, hmmm...I bet I could do that. Or '45 days touring a desert by camel - from the eyes of momad the nomad' and I would think, hmmm...I bet he has a lot to tell and it will enlighten me. My point is, this book would be one of those books: chosen merely out of randomness with curiosity.

I read this book fairly quickly - started Saturday around 12 AM (yes, the opposite of noon) and finished by Wednesday. Nothing great, although there were moments of genuine laughter.

The author apparently is a columnist for several papers, at least one in this state. There were references to places in and around the area, so she may even live somewhere in Raleigh. This is what kept me reading. I LOVE LOVE LOVE supporting the locals and to have a book in hand by someone that knows the same places I do is just 'tres cool' to me. David Sedaris is one of my favorites - introduced to me by my BFF a few moons ago. In fact, I have one of his in hand ready to read.

Well, Celia is no David. Which of course, no one can be. BUT, I felt her writing resembled mine, or someone else ordinary like me. It was writing that one would do on a personal blog, or to friends via e-mail. The writing is so sarcastic that it sounds bitter, which made me think 'do i sound that bitter too?' But then again, I don't get paid for a book deal so I don't really care if I DO sound bitter. ;-)

Anyway, I wouldn't recommend it other than if your curious to read sardonic musings, that sound like they are coming from a bitter-but-funny, southern gal.

As a sidenote, the book I am reading NOW is TOO FREAKING GOOD. I am GLUED and I can't wait until I finish it -- not because I want to hurry up and get rid of it, but because I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. Last night, I read ~four pages and had to re-read them today, not remembering any of the four pages because I fought back sleep to just keep reading...

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