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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Book Review: Naked by David Sedaris

I am a fan of David Sedaris. He was introduced to me by my BFF several years ago. I started with Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim then followed up with Me Talk Pretty One Day, so I guess I am going in a reverse order, which is not so uncommon for me.

So in my recent reading frenzy, I picked up one of his earlier works, Naked. It had some of the rants from the previous novels I read but it's probably my least favorite. Don't get me wrong, it is still very good and I enjoyed reading it, but I felt the stories were more long-winded than the other two I've read.

I did enjoy reading about his earlier moments in his life with his family. But what is truly a gem is all the references to Raleigh. If there's anything I am, it is a RALEIGH fan. I love this city and I am tickled-pink to have that as my mailing address.

David Sedaris grew up in North Hills and he still has family in the area. I believe his younger brother operates a hardwood floor company in Raleigh. Anyway, North Hills feels like my "hood" since we actively looked for a home in that area and we venture there often, as well as now being part of the Northbrook Pool Club community.

By the way, Amy Sedaris is his sister, who also writes and is an actress. I didn't know this until later -- 'later' meaning after I fell in love with David Sedaris' work. I found out that she was my favorite character in "Elf" - the secretary for Walter (the James Caan character). She's the one who repeats everything Will Ferrell says, like (and I'm making this up from memory, since I can't find direct quotes):
Elf: I'm from the North Pole.
Amy: The North Pole?!?
Elf: I'm an elf.
Amy: You're an elf?!?

It's HILARIOUS. Okay, so maybe you need to see the movie to get it, especially since my quotes are pretty thin...

Sidenote: I moved to Goldsboro, NC in 1989 with my Air Force husband. We often drove up highway 70 to Raleigh, visiting Capital Ford off Capital Blvd. when there was nothing out there but Capital Ford. We always stopped at Crabtree, of course. If we stayed the night, we often stayed at the now very defunct Holiday Inn on Capital Blvd. Later, we moved to Greenville, NC (my second favorite city in NC) and visited Raleigh often - venturing to the same places previously mentioned. When we had the opportunity to move here, we jumped at the chance. So I feel cozy when I think about those days and now, I live right by that very mall I would visit. I feel like a true Raleighite.

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