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Sunday, June 24, 2007


That would be to these 'folks':

Brier Creek Commons
Towne North
Brennan Station
Bent Tree

These would be shopping centers in North Raleigh. They have banned the city bus from entering their property. The claim, along with another BOO!, would be Craig Davis Properties, who manage these shopping centers, is that the city buses have caused a 'safety concern'.

This 'safety concern' causes people to have to walk to their place of employment, or heaven forbids, the place they would want to shop. Most of the people who take the city bus are, how do I put this, um, CAR-LESS. Which could imply that they can't afford a car, or share a car, so they have to take the bus.

So is it the safety of the SUV and minivan owners at stake? So much so that you have the minimum wage employee walk/wait in the summer heat and humidity or the rain to get to/from the bus stop. Gee, that's so nice. Let's take care of the people we want to be, or we want to impress vs. the folks who are trying to make ends meet.

Thankfully, it appears that Charles Meeker, our city mayor and Russell Allen, our city manager, are looking into this matter. Both have expressed disappointment in this decision. But Meeker is looking into changing any ordinances if the centers will not change their mind.

I hate the elitist notion this decision implies. Whether I'm right or wrong in thinking that they are acting snotty and leaving the riffraff out, they didn't think about the consequences of their decision. If they did, they refused to figure out an alternative and left their own employees hanging. Shameful, to say the least.

The other Boo goes to the N&O columnist, Rick Mortinez. Yeah, I misspelled his name on purpose because I am so annoyed with the last column I read. Here is a direct quote:

"I don't instinctively feel sorry for every poor person I meet, most of whom are impoverished as a result of shortsighted personal choices. This lack of empathy is often interpreted as my being uncompassionate. Not so. I just don't see what's so noble about choosing poverty as a way of life. As Tevye said in "Fiddler on the Roof," there's no shame in being poor, but it's no great honor, either."

OMG. Just reading this - again - makes my blood boil. Who the F'K chooses to be poor? I tell you who does. The f'ing elitists, George Bush, his idiot son dubya, Cheney, Mortinez and all the other f'kers who think people have a choice in this matter.

F'king ridiculous and f'king ignorant. He should be ASHAMED for even writing that shit down. KARMA!! WHERE ARE YOU??? Here's another pisser that needs to taste their own freakin' medicine.

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