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Monday, May 28, 2007

Under Protest

We saw the third Pirates of the Caribbean today. A 1:30 PM showing and we left the theater after 4:30.

WTF? What has gone into cinematography lately? The movie was nearly three hours long! We spent more than three hours at the movie, if you include getting there early and all the previews.

I took a nap while I was there. Geezus - three hours at a theater? I wasted my freaking sunshine to watch this movie. Sure, it was okay, maybe even good. And I am a huge Depp fan, but really, THREE HOURS?

So, I am under protest. I will not watch a movie that lasts over two hours at a theater anymore. That's already stretching it: I don't want to spend two hours of my precious time in a dark theater -- but try to find one under two hours anymore. The state of the movie-dom is to have these long-ass movies, but I won't be spending my hard-earned cash to feed their kitty.

DVD or pay-per-view. That's where those greater than two hour movies will be seen. That way, when I take my nap, I can stop it and start where I left off...

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