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Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Budding Photographer

My daughter Mia is four years old. She loves taking my camera and taking pictures. I don't mind, since it's digital, so I know I can just delete them. But she just has a ball running around with the camera. She loves taking photos of me, Tim, and Brenna the dog.

But when I was going through the pictures, I noticed a bit of style to her photos. She was really putting some style to it. I was really impressed. I didn't realize how impressive it was until Tim looked through them and laughed about how she had placed his shoes on a stool to take the shot.

I let her take the camera (until she got finger prints on the front) and these are just a handful of the many shots she took. For the most part, she has an amazing eye, but I'm partial since I'm her mom.

These photos were all taken, and staged, by Mia herself:
Photos by Mia

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  1. Love the photos! It's a fun way to see what's important and interesting to a 4-year old (looks like the dog ranks #1).